What does the word stellate mean?

What does the word stellate mean?

resembling a star
Definition of stellate : resembling a star (as in shape)

What does stellate mean in medical terms?

(stel’āt), Star-shaped. [L. stella, a star] Star-shaped; referring to multiple tapering points emanating from a central axis.

What does Stellify mean?

Definition of stellify : to turn into or as if into a star : place among the stars : glorify therefore deserves to be stellified by British astronomers— John Ruskin.

What does Spiculate mean?

Definition of spiculate 1 : covered with or having spicules : spicular, prickly. 2 : divided into small spikelets.

What is a stellate shape?

Stellate, meaning star-shaped, may refer to: Stellate cell.

What does stellar performance mean?

extremely good
a stellar performance, achievement, piece of work etc is extremely good. Synonyms and related words. Words used to describe performers or performances.

What is stellate shape?

Stellate cells are any neuron in the central nervous system that have a star-like shape formed by dendritic processes radiating from the cell body. Many Stellate cells are GABAergic and are located in the molecular layer of the cerebellum.

What activates stellate cells?

Activation of hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) through induction of aerobic glycolysis (Warburg effect). The transformation of glucose to lactate during HSC activation even when amounts of oxygen are available, leads to accumulation of intracellular lactate.

What is Stelliferous?

Definition of stelliferous : having star-shaped markings.

What does Occhiolism mean?

The awareness of the smallness of your perspective
Occhiolism (noun): The awareness of the smallness of your perspective, by which you couldn’t possibly draw any meaningful conclusions at all, about the world– because although your life is an epic and unrepeatable anecdote, it still only has a sample size of one, and may end up being the control for a much wilder …

What is Spiculated area?

A spiculated mass is a centrally dense lesion seen on mammography with sharp lines radiating from its margin. The spicules can vary greatly in length, from a few millimeters to several centimeters.