What engine is in a Grasshopper mower?

What engine is in a Grasshopper mower?

Gasoline-powered, liquid-cooled Grasshopper mowers with 3-cylinder, 962 cc (29 or 32 hp) engines, and cutting deck from 52 inches to 72 inches. Diesel-powered, liquid-cooled Grasshopper mowers with 3-cylinder engine choices of 719 cc (21 hp) and 898 cc (25 hp), and cutting decks from 48 inches to 72 inches.

How long will a Grasshopper mower last?

Generally, Grasshoppers are commercial mowers that are designed to run 30-40 hours per week during the mowing season. Getting 6 or 7 thousand hours on a well-maintained machine would not be out of the question. These are not homeowner, big-box, riding mowers, where a life span of less than 1,000 hours is the norm.

How much horsepower does a 900D grasshopper have?


Specifications Model 900D
Type/Horsepower/Cylinders Kubota, MaxTorqueâ„¢, 3-cyl.
Displacement 43.9 cu. in. (719 cc)
Lubrication System 77 cu. in. (1261 cc)
Crankshaft Horizontal

Are Grasshopper Mowers worth the money?

They are durable with good resale value and can withstand various terrains. The warranty covers both parts and labor for the first two years and replacement parts are easily attained both online and offline. Overall, Grasshopper Mowers are a good investment and will last many years.

Are Grasshopper Mowers reliable?

We find Grasshoppers are very dependable and we are able to maneuver them around and between tombstones therefore saving a lot of weed eating. We also mow two acres of our own lawn.

What engine is in Grasshopper 900D?

Kubota Diesel Engine
Grasshopper Model 900D Front Mounted Mower: 1.3 Liter 3-Cyl. Liquid Cooled Kubota Diesel Engine.

How much oil does a Grasshopper mower hold?

The oil capacity is 56 gallons.

Are grasshoppers good zero turn mowers?

We’ve been using Grasshopper Zero Turn Mowers for more than 10 years now, and we find them to be of excellent quality for the price. Built to last, these mowers are suitable for personal use or commercial, depending on the model.

Are Grasshopper Mowers good on hills?

Also, midmounts will climb very steep hills, but are near impossible to stop if you are going down steep hills on wet grass. If you go midmount, grasshopper is good, but there are many other brands that are good. It all depends on how much you are mowing, your conditions, terrane, etc.

How much oil does a 729 Grasshopper take?

Two quarts put it right at the full mark. We have two 729’s. Just changed the oil Friday. Two quarts put it right at the full mark.

What kind of oil does my grasshopper take?

You should use SAE 30/SAE 10W-30 oil for most mowers and weather conditions.