What is a fast 30 yard dash time?

What is a fast 30 yard dash time?

All of these guys have been clocked around 3.7 seconds from home to first. The fastest home-to-first time ever recorded is attributed to Mickey Mantle. The young Mantle, The Sporting News reported in 1952, could sprint from home to first in a blistering 3.1 seconds.

How fast should a 14 year old run a 60 yard dash?

The average speed of a 14-year-old in a 60-yard dash is seven seconds. However, those who are in training for baseball often have a speed between 6.5 and seven seconds.

What is an average 40 yard dash time?

Average time by position According to a five-year NFL combine report, wide receivers and cornerbacks had the fastest average times at 4.48, followed by running backs at 4.49. The following average times were measured between 2000 and 2012 at the NFL combine for players who played at least 5 games.

Is a 5.6 40 yard dash good?

The 40 Yard (36.6 meters) Dash is part of the SPARQ rating system for football, and their protocol is listed here….40 Yard Dash.

40 yard Sprint Scores (general guidelines)
High School Footballers 4.9 – 5.6 secs
Recreational College athletes (male) ~5.0 secs
Recreational College athletes (female) ~5.8 secs

What is a good 30 yard shuttle time?

It’s good for overall agility, speed and lateral quickness. A shuttle run time below four seconds is generally considered great, with the best players closer to the 3.8-second range. Kevin Kasper of Iowa set the shuttle run record at 3.73 seconds in 2001.

How fast could Mickey Mantle run to first?

3.1 seconds
His chief target was, incredibly enough, Mickey Mantle. Mantle had come up as a 19 year-old shortstop in 1950 renown for his power and speed. Mantle was timed at 3.1 seconds to first base, the fastest ever recorded. The rookie wanted to race him claiming he was faster.

How far is level 7 on the beep test?

Beep Test Tables

Level Shuttles Cumulative Distance (m)
5 9 820
6 10 1020
7 10 1220
8 11 1440