What is a Tonka dump truck worth?

What is a Tonka dump truck worth?

Most Tonka trucks in good condition from the late ’40s through the early ’60s can be purchased for between $100 and $300. Because so many Tonka products were manufactured, standard outlets including flea markets, garage sales and antique stores are good sources for Tonka trucks.

How much does a Tonka truck cost?

The base Lariat carries a starting MSRP of $42,500. The conversion to a Tonka requires at least an additional $76,000 of modifications bringing the total price up to a minimum of $118, 500. The upgraded features and the satisfaction of owning a full-size version of the classic toy is well worth the high price.

Does Tonka make metal trucks anymore?

In 1998, Hasbro began a licensing deal with Funrise Toys to manufacture and distribute Tonka trucks. The deal began with versions of the trucks fitted with electronics for lights and sounds, but grew to encompass the entire brand. This agreement ended in 2020, with the license being transferred to Basic Fun!.

What size are Tonka trucks?

Product information

Product Dimensions 8 x 17 x 11 inches
Best Sellers Rank #6,766 in Toys & Games (See Top 100 in Toys & Games) #33 in Kids’ Play Trucks #75 in Preschool Car, Truck, Boat & Plane Toys
Customer Reviews 4.9 out of 5 stars 4,466 ratings 4.9 out of 5 stars
Release date February 1, 2020
Manufacturer Basic Fun

How do you date a Tonka dump truck?

Logo Identification Look at the Tonka logo. From 1947 to 1977, changes were made to the logo every few years which makes it an easy identifier for early-edition Tonka trucks. Identify the colors of the logo. If the Tonka logo shows a blue sea and seagulls, it was likely to be manufactured between 1947 and 1957.

Is there a Shelby truck?

The 2021 Shelby F-150 comes with a starting price of $107,080 for the naturally aspirated version and $114,980 for the supercharged 775-hp version. Both prices include the truck, as well, which is a solid deal for this unique and exclusive truck.

What’s the biggest dump truck in the world?

Belaz 75710
Belaz 75710, with a payload capacity of 496t, is the biggest mining dump truck in the world. The ultra-heavy dump truck was launched by the Belarusian Company Belaz in October 2013 under an order from a Russian mining company. Sales of Belaz 75710 trucks were scheduled to start in 2014.

Is Tonka still in business?

Since 1991 the company has operated as a division of Hasbro, Inc., the largest toy company in the United States. Though its famed trucks are still its best known product, Tonka also produces dolls and soft toys for girls, as well as various games, toy guns, balls, tools, and other assorted playthings.

How old is my Tonka dump truck?

What age are Tonka trucks?

Constructed Tonka tough with real Steel! Appropriate for ages 3 years and up.

What means Tonka?

: the seed of any of several leguminous trees of the genus Dipteryx that contains coumarin and is used in perfumes and as a flavoring also : a tree bearing tonka beans.