What is CentraStage software?

What is CentraStage software?

CentraStage is a remote monitoring management tool designed to simplify IT support. CentraStage will enable Scomis to monitor and manage multiple remote computers over any network, bringing visibility and control via a single web-based management console. It offers: Secure VNC Remote Takeover.

What is dattormm?

Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a fully-featured, secure, cloud-based platform which enables MSPs to remotely secure, monitor, manage, and support endpoints to reduce costs and increase service delivery efficiency.

How does datto RMM work?

Powered by Web Remote, our browser-based HTML5 remote control technology, Datto RMM helps MSPs to quickly take over a device to resolve client issues with one-click remote access. Fast and responsive, Web Remote launches quickly and enables techs to get straight into a desktop environment for support.

What are RMM tools?

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool is used for managing a computer or a network from a remote location. This tool gives the administrator control over the network which involves installing software and managing all activities on the systems/network, workstations, servers or endpoints of a client.

What is the datto service called?

Datto RMM Agent
The Datto RMM Agent is a lightweight software program installed on a device that supports agent installation. Refer to Supported operating systems and Agent requirements.

What can datto do?

Datto offers business continuity and disaster recovery, networking, business management, and file backup and sync solutions, and has created a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of partners that provide Datto solutions to half a million businesses across more than 130 countries.

What does datto RMM track?

Datto RMM monitors all of your devices in real-time instantly informing you of current issues and flagging potential problems. Devices include: servers, VMs, ESXi, PCs, laptops and network devices.

What does RMM stand for?

RMM stands for “remote monitoring and management.” This category of software is essential for managed service providers (MSPs) & IT professionals.

What is the difference between RMM and MDM?

The difference between these software solutions is that while MDM focuses on managing mobile devices, RMM solutions are a lot more comprehensive. In fact, many all-in-one RMM solutions include MDM functionalities so MSPs can provide the best unified offering to their customers.

Is intune an RMM?

Of course, Intune by itself isn’t quite enough. It’s not a replacement for an RMM solution—rather, they’re complementary. This was one of the main reasons why Microsoft worked closely with N-able—to spread the capabilities of Intune to their MSP partners and augment some of the gaps that come from using it alone.

What does the Datto provider service do?

Datto Backup Agent Service: This is the primary service for the webserver, backup jobs, logging, and operation.