What is Ghale Gaun famous for?

What is Ghale Gaun famous for?

Ghalegaun (Nepali: घलेगाउँ) is popular scenic tourist destination with an elevation of 2,100 metres above sea level in Lamjung District. Ghalegaun is also known as Asia’s model tourism village. It lies in kwholasothar rural Municipality of Nepal.

Which mountain is seen from Ghale Gaun?

From Ghale Gaun you have a beautiful view of the Himalayas – Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Manaslu and many other small mountain peaks. You can also see the many rolling green hills and valleys belonging to 13 different districts. The people are mainly Hindus and Buddhist at Ghale Gaun.

Which is the largest village in Nepal?

1 in Nepal, located at 3,867 metres (12,687 ft). In the village is an important Buddhist monastery, Tengboche Monastery, which is the largest gompa in the Khumbu region. The structure was built in 1923….Tengboche.

Tengboche तेङबोचे
Time zone UTC+5:45 (NST)
Area code(s) 038

Which is the largest Gurung village in Nepal?

Ghandruk घान्द्रुक
Gurung communities comprise the major inhabitants of the village….Ghandruk.

Ghandruk घान्द्रुक
District Kaski District
Elevation 2,012 m (6,601 ft)
Population (1991)
• Total 4,748

How can I go to Ghale Gaun?

The most common route to reach Ghale Gaun is through Besisahar-Baglungpani-Kapur Gaun route, but you can also travel the Pokhara-Thumsikot-Pasgaun-Bhujung route. If you prefer hiking, then the Besisahar-Khudi route is a popular route to reach Ghale Gaun.

How do people of Ghale Gaun welcome their guest?

When you reach There : Hospitality of the people out there is overwhelming. The villagers welcome with red tika and garland. The concept of “Atithi Devo Bhawa” is completely followed by the habitat of this village. Ghalegaun is famous for it’s home stay.

What is Lamjung famous for?

Those who have been there swear by its beauty and return mesmerised by the unparal leled view of mountain ranges, lush greenery, traditional villages and the raging Marshyangdi river. Situated on the way of major trekking trails like the world famous Annapurna Circuit, Lamjung is a paradise for nature lovers.

Why is Ghandruk famous?

Ghandruk offers the majestic view of Annapurna mountain and a splendid sunrise and sunset. The Ghandruk trek is most popular for wonderful Gurung culture, the beautiful village, geographical differences and the fantastic views of the mountains of Annapurna (7219 m), Machhapuchhare (6993 m) and Himchuli (6411 m).

How many types of Gurung are there?

There are two forms of the dance. One can be staged at any time of the year, but the other (Satī Ghāntu) can be performed only between Saraswati Pűjā and Baisakh Purnima.

Which is the second largest Gurung village in Nepal?

Sikles Village is the second largest Gurung village of Nepal which lies to the northeast of Pokhara. Centrally located in the ACA (Annapurna Conservation Area), this Gurung village has amassed a large number of admirers who have been there.

How can I go to Ghale Gaun from Pokhara?

The best way to get from Pokhara to Ghalegaun is to fly which takes 2h 16m and costs $29 – $85. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $12 – $18 and takes 8h 38m.

How far is ghandruk from Kathmandu?

166 km
The distance between Ghandruk and Kathmandu is 166 km. The road distance is 258.1 km.