What is Imojev vaccine?

What is Imojev vaccine?

IMOJEV is a vaccine that helps to protect you or your child against Japanese encephalitis. The vaccine may be administered to persons of 9 months of age and over. When an injection of IMOJEV is given, the immune system (body’s natural defences) will protect against Japanese encephalitis infection.

When was Japanese encephalitis vaccine introduced in India?

JE vaccination in India started in 2006 following large outbreaks of JE in some districts of Eastern UP and Bihar. Large vaccination campaigns were carried out in 11 of the highest risk districts of the country in 2006, 27 districts in 2007, 22 districts in 2008, and 30 districts in 2009.

Who makes Imojev?

“IMOJEV(R) is an innovative vaccine that confers high-level protection against Japanese encephalitis with just one dose,” said Russell Jacobson, General Manager of Sanofi Pasteur in Australia.

When was the vaccine for Japanese encephalitis?

Inactivated Vero cell culture-derived Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccine (manufactured as IXIARO) is the only JE vaccine licensed and available in the United States. This vaccine was approved in March 2009 for use in people aged 17 years and older and in May 2013 for use in children 2 months through 16 years of age.

How do you administer Imojev vaccine?

Once the freeze-dried vaccine has been completely reconstituted using the diluent provided (see Instructions for Use as follows), it is administered via the subcutaneous route. In individuals 2 years of age and over, the recommended injection site is the deltoid region of the upper arm.

What is JE vaccine India?

JENVAC is a single dose inactivated Japanese Encephalitis (JE) Vaccine. This Vero cell derived vaccine is prepared from an Indian strain (Kolar- 821564XY) of the JE virus. JENVAC has been developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Virology, India.

Is JE vaccine available in India?

Live attenuated SA-14-14-2 vaccine against Japanese encephalitis (JE) was introduced in the routine immunization under Universal Immunization Program in the 181 endemic districts of India. Recently, the Government of India has announced the introduction of one dose of JE vaccine for adults in endemic districts.

Is JE vaccine compulsory in India?

Since the risk of JE is not universal and is limited to focal areas, JE vaccination is not included in the national immunization programme in India [3]. But inclusion of an effective and affordable vaccine for JE in endemic areas in India will reduce mortality and life long sequelae and prevent further spread.

Where is Imojev manufactured?

The Drug substance of IMOJEV MD is manufactured at Sanofi Pasteur Biologics Co. (former Acambis Inc) facilities in Canton, United State of America, the Drug Product is manufactured at the Government Pharamceutical Organiztion – Merieux Biological Product Company Limited (GPO-MBP) in Thailand.

Who is at risk of JEV?

For most travellers in these regions, the risk of being infected with JEV is very low. People at the greatest risk of becoming infected are those who are staying more than a month in rural areas in countries where the disease is endemic or in some of the Torres Strait Islands.

At what age is JE vaccine given?

Japanese encephalitis vaccine is approved for people 2 months of age and older. It is recommended for people who: Plan to live in a country where JE occurs, Plan to visit a country where JE occurs for long periods (e.g., one month or more), or.

How many years does Japanese encephalitis vaccine last?

One vaccine is a ‘live’ single-dose formula which protects individuals for several years. The second vaccine involves a course of two injections over a month, then a booster every two to three years if risk is on- going. Both Japanese encephalitis vaccines are suitable for children as young as 12 months.