What is Ingram Commons?

What is Ingram Commons?

The Ingram Commons is a residential campus for all first-year students. One campus fosters a common experience that encourages class unity and class identity. A house is a community, a home.

Where do Vanderbilt athletes live?

Lewis House and Morgan House are twin eleven-story buildings that opened in December of 1962. Located on the southern part of campus at 1410 25th Avenue South, they are across the street from the Student Recreation Center and are convenient to most athletic facilities.

What is the acceptance rate for Vanderbilt?

11.6% (2020)Vanderbilt University / Acceptance rate

What are the residential colleges at Vanderbilt?

Overview. Warren and Moore Colleges, Vanderbilt’s first two upper-division residential colleges, first opened in the fall 2014 semester and house approximately 660 students. E. Bronson Ingram College opened in the fall 2018 semester and houses approximately 340 students.

Does Vanderbilt have single dorms?

Vanderbilt’s Unified Housing Rate: Vanderbilt has a single housing rate for all students in all of our residence halls regardless of building, room type, location, and amenities. All students pay the same amount for on-campus housing. Vanderbilt follows this practice for several reasons.

How many dorms does Vanderbilt have?

Vanderbilt upperclassmen have the option of living in one of 22 different residential buildings throughout our 330-acre campus, which is located in midtown Nashville.

Do Vanderbilt dorms have private bathrooms?

Many students don’t really like living there because they think it’s too far, but I thought my double was extremely spacious and it came with a private bathroom, which was SO much nicer than using a public shared bathroom.

Do Vanderbilt dorms have sinks?

Rooms are either traditional doubles, or two doubles connected with a “bathroom” (a toilet and sink, no shower) in between. There are communal showers on each floor.

What is the best dorm at Vanderbilt?

Top 10 Dorms at Vanderbilt University

  • McGill Hall. The building of McGill itself is no different from your average college residence hall.
  • Vaughn House.
  • The Commons.
  • McTyeire Hall.
  • Scales Hall.
  • Morgan Hall.
  • Blakemore Hall.
  • Kissam Halls.

Can I pick my roommate at Vanderbilt?

Rooms are assigned randomly, not by request. However, there is a room change request period that begins about two weeks after the start of classes.