What is Italian torrone?

What is Italian torrone?

In Italy, torrone is a traditional Christmas dessert—a sweet, toasted-almond candy—with many famous regional variations. The term “torrone” probably comes from the latin verb “torrere,” or to toast, referring to the toasted almonds.

Where is torrone from in Italy?

Some people believe it derives from an Ancient Roman treat, while others argue it comes from an Arabic dessert. However, the most popular origin story dates torrone back to 1441 in Cremona as a dessert created for the marriage of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti, the Duke and Duchess of Milan.

How do you serve torrone?

Today, many varieties exist: soft and hard, classic or with chocolate, with almonds, hazelnuts or occasionally pistachios. Torrone is often served with an after-dinner amaro (bitters), a sambuca (a sweet anise-tasting digestivo), or a liquor, such as Strega.

Where is Strega from?

Benevento, Italy
Liquore Strega is an Italian herbal liqueur produced since 1860 by the S. A. Distilleria Liquore Strega in Benevento, Italy.

How do you make Italian torrone?


  1. 2 (8×10-inch) sheets wafer paper.
  2. 1 ⅓ cups honey.
  3. 1 cup white sugar.
  4. 3 tablespoons white sugar.
  5. 2 large egg whites, at room temperature.
  6. 1 pinch salt.
  7. ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract.
  8. 1 tablespoon lemon zest.

What Flavour is torrone?

Torrone, the classic Italian nougat, is easy to make at home. Nougat is a sweet confection made of whipped egg whites, sugar and/or honey, and nuts. In this traditional torrone recipe, the honey-sweetened candy is flavored with orange and almond flavors, and packed with toasted almonds.

What is the difference between nougat and torrone?

What is a Strega mean?

Strega, the Italian word for witch, may refer to: Strega, a group of pagan magic users who are part of the protectors of Venice in the Heirs of Alexandria series by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint, and Dave Freer. Stregheria, or the Strega tradition of modern Italian witchcraft.

What Colour is Strega?

Saffron is the key to Strega’s signature yellow color. Mint and juniper are the most pronounced flavors within the herbal mixture. Before bottling at 40 percent alcohol by volume (ABV, 80 proof), the liqueur is aged in ash barrels “over a long period of time” to allow the various flavors and aromas to blend together.

How do you cut torrone?

Cutting the torrone Insert the oiled knife straight down into the torrone, then use the knife to pull the cut piece away. If the edible paper pulls away in some spots, just place it back over the nougat and continue cutting.

Who invented torrone?

The fame of the torrone of Guardiagrele originates from the 19th century thanks to the initiative of a local confectioner by the name of Giuseppe Palmerio.