What is Kammererite used for?

What is Kammererite used for?

The vibrational energy of kammererite is known for alleviating pain—on all levels. Because the stone has connections with the crown chakra, it can help calm overactive thoughts and anxiety, or the “monkey mind.” This is a useful crystal for overcoming negative patterns of thinking.

Is kammererite rare?

A beautiful but rare mineral, kämmererite is extraordinarily difficult to facet. As a result, the availability of cut gems is severely limited. A few clean, well-cut gems do exist — a testimony to the perseverance of hobbyists!

What is Kammererite stone?

Kammererite is a high tiered stone that harnesses the key to unlocking your soul. It can assist in helping you rise out of your physical body. The violet rays of this stone assist in bridging the spiritual and physical worlds together. This can allow one to ascend to a higher plane of consciousness.

Is Phosphosiderite rare?

Phosphosiderite is a rare mineral named for its main components, phosphate and iron. The siderite at the end of phosphosiderite comes from “sideros”, the Greek word for iron. It was discovered in 1890. It is mined in some parts of Chile, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, and the United States.

What is Shattuckite stone?

Shattuckite is a relatively rare copper silicate mineral. It was first discovered in 1915 in the copper mines of Bisbee, Arizona, specifically the Shattuck Mine (hence the name). It is a secondary mineral that forms from the alteration of other secondary minerals.

Where is Kammererite mined?

Kämmererite is always found in fractures of ultrabasic rocks, usually with chromite ore. The only known locality for transparent crystals is the Kop Krom chromite mine in the Kop Daglari Mountains of Turkey.

What color is Kammererite?

kammererite color stone properties table

Name Origin Kammererite is named after A. Kammerer, the mining director at St. Petersburg.
Chemical Formula (Mg, Cr)6(AlSi3)O10(OH)8
Color Red to purplish red, cranberry red
Hardness 2 – 2.5 on Mohs Scale
Crystal System Triclinic; crystals hexagonal shape, bounded by steep sided pyramids.

Is Phosphosiderite real?

Phosphosiderite is named after its composition: phosphate and iron. While most can see where “phosphate” works into the name, the “iron portion isn’t initially clear. However, “sideros” means “iron” in Greek, giving the mineral its name.

What does Phosphosiderite mean?

Are Shattuckite and chrysocolla the same?

Chrysocolla is an empowering stone that discharges negative energy , allowing for truth and positivity to come through. Shattuckite helps develop your intuition and inspires you to connect with your spirituality. These polished tumbled stones slign and balance your Throat and Heart Chakras.

Is chrysocolla a Shattuckite?

The copper deposit Tantara in Congo is known for its very nice specimens of plancheite and shattuckite with dioptase and white calcite. It also provides a rock composed of Shattuckite, Quartz, Chrysocolla, Azurite, Malachite, Bornite and other copper ores, sold simply as “Shattuckite”.

Is Kammererite a mineral?

Kammererite mineral, which is rarely found in the world, is found in chromite deposits as reddish pink or purple-violet [1] colors as transparent or semitransparent. Its hardness is around 2.5, and its specific weight is 2.645 g/cm3 [2, 3].