What is Scott Niedermayer doing now?

What is Scott Niedermayer doing now?

Scott Niedermayer (born August 31, 1973) is a Canadian former ice hockey defenceman and current special assignment coach of the Anaheim Ducks.

How old is Scott Niedermayer?

48 years (August 31, 1973)Scott Niedermayer / Age

When did the Anaheim Ducks win the Stanley Cup?

The Anaheim Ducks went on to become the first California team ever to win the Stanley Cup championship in 2007.

How many Stanley Cups did Scott Niedermayer win?

4 Stanley Cups
4 Stanley Cups (1995, 1999-00, 2002-03 with New Jersey Devils; 2006-07 with Anaheim Ducks) 2 Olympic gold medals (2002 and 2010) 1 World championship (2004)

Where does Rob Niedermayer live now?

Without a stake in the team anymore, however, the Niedermayers are mostly focused on their families. “My biggest passion [now that I’m retired from hockey] is watching my kids grow up,” says Rob who moved back to the East Kootenays after his career ended in 2012.

How much is a Scott Niedermayer rookie card worth?

Scott Niedermayer Hockey Trading Card Values

1990 7th Inning Sketch WHL #289 Scott Niedermayer $0.34
1992 Ultra #116 Scott Niedermayer $0.34
1992 Upper Deck Ameri-Can Rookie Team Holograms #5 Scott Niedermayer $0.29
1992 Upper Deck #406 Scott Niedermayer $0.36
1992 Upper Deck #562 Scott Niedermayer $0.34

How tall is Scott Niedermayer?

6′ 1″Scott Niedermayer / Height

Why did Disney sell the ducks?

This led to Disney selling the team to Henry and Susan Samueli in 2005. … « They wanted to leave that past in the past, and they wanted to become a serious hockey team. » The team has seen some success since the rebranding — they won their only Stanley Cup in their first season as the rebranded Ducks.

How much did Disney sell the ducks for?

In 2005, Broadcom Corporation co-founder Henry Samueli of Irvine, California, and his wife Susan bought the Mighty Ducks from The Walt Disney Company for a reported US$75 million.

Did Rob and Scott Niedermayer play together?

He and Scott became the first set of brothers to play against each other in the Stanley Cup Final since Ken and Terry Reardon did it in 1946. In the summer of 2005, Rob’s brother Scott was signed by the Mighty Ducks, and for the first time in their NHL careers, the two brothers were playing on the same team.

Did Rob Niedermayer win a Stanley Cup?

The younger brother of Hockey Hall of Fame defenseman Scott Niedermayer, Rob Niedermayer enjoyed a long and successful NHL career in his own right, even spending four seasons as Scott’s teammate and winning the Stanley Cup together in Anaheim in 2007.

How much is Sergei Fedorov rookie card worth?

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Item Quantity Price
1991-92 Upper Deck #144 Sergei Fedorov 180 $1.00
1991-92 Upper Deck #82 Sergei Fedorov/(Detroit Red Wings TC) 272 $1.00
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