What is the best length for a crappie rod?

What is the best length for a crappie rod?

The best rod length for crappie fishing will be on the longer range, anywhere between 6ft to 16ft, while still feeling comfortable in your hands. Ideally, you’ll want a lightweight rod that allows you to sneak up on the fish and drop your line without needing to cast.

What kind of rod do you use for crappie?

My other rod is a Wally Marshall Signature Series WM80CP-2, 8′ light-action, 1/16 – 1/4 ounce lure weight, 2 – 6 pound line. That rod is good for fishing brush piles because it has a longer reach and a good backbone for lifting big slab crappie out of the nastiest brush pile.

What colors do crappie see best?

In stained water (coffee color or with tannic acid) with bright-light conditions, my four predominate crappie catching colors are: green, chartreuse, lime and orange. Lures that contrast two of these colors, or matching them with brown or white are great. Orange-white is good at times, but all-white is not so good.

What time of day is best for crappie fishing?

In the case of crappie, the best time to catch them is during their feeding time, which is most frequently between the hours of midnight and 2 am. Additionally, during dawn and dusk can be good times to catch them, with many of them also feeding during these twilight hours.

What size hooks for crappie?

For crappie fishing, we recommend a 2 or 4. The Gamakatsu crappie hook is another traditional Aberdeen hook design to catch crappie fish. Available in a variety of colors, these thin shank fishing hooks are perfect for using live minnows or other live bait. Again, choose a size 2 or 4 to hook the big fish.

What’s the best way to fish for crappie?

The most common method used for catching crappie is the spider rigging method, which can be done with many popular baits. Some of the most common and effective crappie baits are live minnows, crankbaits, or plastic jigs with lead jig heads.

How many rods do you need for crappie fishing?

Three rods is all you need to be efficient at all of the casting/jigging techniques that I’ve been able to use to catch crappie every single month last year. Hopefully I can slip out this weekend and keep the streak alive.