What is the NHL record for most goalie wins in a row?

What is the NHL record for most goalie wins in a row?

Records Holder Value
Longest winning streak by a goaltender in a season G. Gilbert 17 games
Most 30-or-more win seasons by a goaltender P. Roy 16 seasons
Most 40-or-more win seasons by a goaltender M. Brodeur 7 seasons
Most consecutive 30-or-more win seasons by a goaltender M. Brodeur 12 seasons

What NHL goalie has the best win percentage?

Ken Dryden has the highest career winning percentage by a goalie, winning 74.3 percent of the time.

Who has the most consecutive wins as a goalie?

Campbell set the franchise record for most consecutive wins by a Maple Leafs goaltender, notching his 10th straight victory in Wednesday’s 3-2 triumph over the Montreal Canadiens.

Which goalie holds the record for the most wins in regular season play?

Prominent goaltenders Martin Brodeur is the all-time leader with 691 career regular season victories. He set the NHL record for wins on March 17, 2009, when he broke Patrick Roy’s record of 551 wins.

Which goalie has won the most career Vezina Trophies?

Jacques Plante holds the record for most times winning the Vezina Trophy with seven, one more than Bill Durnan and Dominik Hasek. However, Hasek has won the most times under the current system of honoring the best individual goalie. Canadiens goaltenders have won the Vezina 29 times, the most of any team.

What is the longest point streak in NHL history?

Longest Point Streaks, Season

  • St. Louis Blues. 2021-22.
  • Detroit Red Wings. 1952-53. 11/27/1952.
  • Chicago Blackhawks. 1966-67. 01/14/1967.
  • Chicago Blackhawks. 1975-76. 10/29/1975.
  • Montréal Canadiens. 1975-76. 02/18/1976.
  • Montréal Canadiens. 1977-78. 03/08/1978.
  • New York Islanders. 1978-79. 11/04/1978.
  • Montréal Canadiens. 1978-79. 11/28/1978.

Who holds most NHL records?

Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky holds or shares 61 records listed in the League’s Official Guide and Record Book: 40 for the regular season, 15 for the Stanley Cup playoff and six for the All-Star Game. MOST GOALS, ONE SEASON, INCLUDING PLAYOFFS: 100 – 1983-84, 87 goals in 74 regular season games and 13 goals in 19 playoff games.

What goalie has the most career points?

Most Points, Career

  • Glenn Resch. NYI, CLR, NJD, PHI. 571.
  • Felix Potvin. TOR, NYI, VAN, LAK, BOS. 635.
  • Kelly Hrudey. NYI, LAK, SJS. 677.
  • Pekka Rinne. NSH. 683.
  • Greg Stefan. DET. 299.
  • Clint Malarchuk. QUE, WSH, BUF. 337.
  • Bob Sauve. BUF, DET, CHI, NJD. 420.
  • Glenn Healy. LAK, NYI, NYR, TOR. 437.

What goalie has most goals NHL?

Nine goalies are credited with 11 goals in NHL history. On December 8th, 1987, former Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ron Hextall was the first goalie in NHL history to score a goal from an actual

Which NHL goalie has the most career losses?

Most Losses: 39, by the 1943–44 New York Rangers Fewest Losses: 5 , by the 1943–44 Montreal Canadiens and 1929–30 Boston Bruins Most Goals For: 234 , by the 1943–44 Montreal Canadiens

Who are the best and worst goalies in the NHL?

Dominik Hasek

  • Ken Dryden Wikimedia Dryden was magical. His spell in the NHL was short but very impactful.
  • Jacques Plante Plante would be remembered for popularizing the goalie mask.
  • Patrick Roy Wikimedia Often called Saint Patrick,Roy spent his entire NHL season playing for two franchises,the Montreal Canadien the Colorado Avalanche.
  • Which NHL goalie was quickest to 200 wins?

    In Late 2018, Semyon Varlamov (Avalanche) collected his 200th career win during a game vs. Kings. In Fall 2017, Jimmy Howard (Red Wings) reached the 200-victory milestone during a contest vs. Wild. There are Hockey Hall of Famers as well as current players who are members of the 200-Wins Club.