What is the nutritional value of Peruvian beans?

What is the nutritional value of Peruvian beans?

Peruvian beans, from dried contains 353 calories per 185 g serving. This serving contains 14 g of fat, 16 g of protein and 43 g of carbohydrate. The latter is 0.6 g sugar and 18 g of dietary fiber, the rest is complex carbohydrate.

How many calories are in a cooked Peruvian bean?

There are 81 calories in 1/2 cup (126 g) of El Mexicano Peruvian Beans. * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

How many carbs are in a cup of cooked Peruvian beans?


Nutrition Facts
How much sodium is in Peruvian Beans? Amount of sodium in Peruvian Beans: Sodium 350.3mg 15%
How many carbs are in Peruvian Beans? Amount of carbs in Peruvian Beans: Carbohydrates 12g
How many net carbs are in Peruvian Beans? Amount of net carbs in Peruvian Beans: Net carbs 9g

How much carbs do Peruvian beans have?

Premium Triple Cleaned Peruano Beans (0.25 tsp) contains 29g total carbs, 14g net carbs, 1g fat, 11g protein, and 170 calories.

Are Peruvian beans high in protein?

They’re most often found in refried bean dips, pasta dishes, salads and soups. Peruano beans are packed with plant-powered nutrition – just one ¼-cup serving provides 7 grams of filling fiber and 10 grams of satisfying protein; it’s no surprise that these legumes are beloved by vegetarians, dieters and foodies alike.

Are Peruvian beans Keto?

El Mexicano Frijoloes Peruanos Peruvian Beans should be avoided on keto because it is high in net carbs (9.52g of net carbs per 100g serving). It is important to limit your net carb consumption to 20g – 30g per day to stay in ketosis.

Are Peruvian beans Keto friendly?

Which beans are best for Keto?

Keto-friendly beans On a strict keto diet, your best bet for beans is to choose either green beans or black soybeans. While green beans are typically prepared more like a vegetable than a bean, black soybeans are a great alternative to other, starchier beans in soups, bean dips, refried beans, or other recipes.

Are Peruvian beans high in potassium?

Rich in vitamins and minerals (12.8%/cal) – a good source of Vitamin K, Iron, Potassium, Copper, Magnesium and Phosphorus.

Which bean is lowest in carbs?

Beans containing the lowest amount of net carbs per serving include:

  • Green beans. Green beans are one of the best keto-friendly beans available because a cup of green beans only has 5.8g in net carbs.
  • Black soybeans.

Which beans have the most protein and least carbs?

  1. Chickpeas. Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are a great source of fiber and protein.
  2. Lentils. Lentils are a great source of vegetarian protein and can be a good addition to soups and stews.
  3. Peas. Peas are also a type of legume.
  4. Kidney beans.
  5. Black beans.
  6. Soybeans.
  7. Pinto beans.
  8. Navy beans.

What are Peruvian beans called?

Mayocoba beans
Mayocoba beans have various names in English and Spanish, including canary beans (or canario beans), Mexican yellow beans, and Peruvian beans (or Peruano beans). The cooked beans have a creamy texture and a mild flavor on their own, and can easily absorb the flavor of other ingredients in the cooking process.