What is the purpose of a thermal lance?

What is the purpose of a thermal lance?

A thermal lance, thermic lance, oxygen lance, or burning bar is a tool that heats and melts steel in the presence of pressurized oxygen to create very high temperatures for cutting.

What element is used in a thermal lance?

A thermal lance, also known as a burning bar or thermic lance, is an industrial tool that uses the oxidization of iron to generate very high temperatures (7000°F to 8000°F, or 3,871°C to 4,426°C) for cutting through just about anything, including rock.

Will a thermal lance cut concrete?

A Thermal Lance is capable of cutting through: All ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Refractory materials such as linings and bricks. Concrete or rock structures.

How much oxygen does a thermal lance use?

Specification-oxygen lancing

Lance lengths -3, 4, and 6 m
Melting temperature -2000.2700°C
Oxygen pressure -8.15 bar
Oxygen consumption -approx. 650 l per m lance Rule of thumb : Oxygen, m3/h, equals 14 times the tube diameter in cm2
Concrete piercing -1 m 3/8″ lance melts 1 kg of concrete -1 m 3/8″ lance consumes 272 l oxygen

How hot does an oxygen lance get?

4000 degrees Celsius, greater than the melting point of any substance on earth. By the way of comparison, concrete melts at 1800 – 2500 degrees Celsius and steel at less than 1500 degrees Celsius. Also, because it runs on oxygen, the lance can cut underwater.

How thick can a thermal lance cut?

The powder lance could conceivably be used to cut holes to almost any depth, but practically it is used for holes up to about 12 feet deep. In the blowpipe method a tool is mounted on a carriage which advances it along the surface at 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches a minute. The tool will cut to depths of about 18 inches.

Where can I buy thermic lance?

Crimson Caravan Company – Sometimes available from Blake. Great Khan armory – Sometimes available from the Great Khan armorer. Gun Runners – Sometimes available from the Vendortron. Hidden Valley bunker – Can be purchased from Torres.

Who invented the thermal lance?

United States Patent Inventor Ernst Brandenberger Rapperswilerstrasse 15, Wetzikon, Switzerland App]. No. 787,854 Filed Dec. 30, 1968 Patented Mar.

Is the thermic lance good?

With a high critical chance setup and all 3 critical damage boosting perks, the thermic lance is the most damaging melee (and more damaging than any unarmed) weapon in the game.

What is a thermal lance?

This technique is most often used on the pins and axles of large equipment such as cranes, ships, bridges and sluice-gates. The temperature at which a thermal lance operates varies depending on the environment. Kosanke gives the maximum temperature to be 4500 °C (8130 °F), while Wang calculates it to be 2730 °C (4950 °F).

How do spagetti lances work?

The spagetti-powered lance works like the industrial one: the oxygen-rich environment inside the pipe allows the normally slow burning pasta to burn like crazy, producing a high-temperature, energetic flame. 7. Flesh-burning Maglite Laser

What are thermic lances made of?

In industrial form, thermic lances are iron or steel pipes filled with thinner iron and aluminum rods, bathed in pressurized oxygen. In an oxygen-rich environment, the iron and aluminum can actually be ignited, producing a sustained high-temperature flame.

How long does a thermic lance take to work?

The tube is consumed by the process within a few minutes. Often used as a heavy duty demolition tool, the thermic lance is also used to remove seized axles of heavy machinery without damaging the bearings or axle housing.