What town does Larry Birkhead live in?

What town does Larry Birkhead live in?

Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter is set to inherit a huge amount of money, but for now she is living a simple life with her father, Larry Birkhead, in Louisville. From the moment you enter their Prospect home it’s clear Larry’s life is all about his 7-year-old daughter and honoring the memory of her mother, Anna Nicole.

How much is Anna Nicoles daughter worth?

Dannielynn Birkhead is the daughter of the late American Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith and freelance celebrity photographer Larry Birkhead. Dannielynn has a net worth of $3 million.

What does Danny Birkhead do for a living?

Larry Birkhead/Professions

Who lives in Anna Nicole Smith’s house?

Upon her death in 2007, Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn, and the child’s father, Larry Birkhead, moved into the home. Birkhead successfully won a paternity suit and gained custody of Dannielynn in April 2007. Smith’s daughter, although a minor, is a beneficiary of her mother’s estate.

How old is Dannielynn?

15 years (September 7, 2006)Dannielynn Birkhead / Age

How much did Dannielynn Birkhead inherit?

When Birkhead was five months old, her mother died of an accidental drug overdose at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. In 2008, she was declared sole heir to Smith’s estate, estimated at $700,000. At 16 months old, Birkhead underwent surgery to correct the strabismus in one of her eyes.

How much money did Dannielynn Birkhead inherit?

Who is Dannielynn Birkhead father?

Larry BirkheadDannielynn Birkhead / Father

How old is Larry Burkhart?

49 years (January 22, 1973)Larry Birkhead / Age

Where did J Howard Marshall live?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Houston, Texas, U.S.

Where was Anna Nicole Smith’s ranch?

Wander Through Anna Nicole Smith’s Former 5-Bedroom, 13-Barn-Stall Estate in Cypress, Not Especially Strange and Now Up for Sale. We only count 1 basketball court, 1 stuffed elk head, and 3 faux finishes in the 9.74-acre setup at 17020 Cypress Rosehill Rd.