What vehicles use Aisin transmissions?

What vehicles use Aisin transmissions?

In fact, Aisin transmissions have been used by an extraordinary range of automotive manufacturers, including Isuzu Motors, HINO Motors, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, and many, many others. As we noted above, Aisin AW and Aisin Seiki collectively manufacture more transmissions than anyone else in the automotive world.

What does AW4 mean?

The W-4 form tells the employer the amount of tax to withhold from an employee’s paycheck based on their marital status, number of allowances and dependents, and other factors. The W-4 is also called an Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.

Does Aisin make Toyota transmissions?

Toyota produces its own transmissions, produced by the Japanese automotive company Aisin, which supplies a variety of automatic transmissions.

How long can an AW4 transmission last?

The AW4 is the best overdrive automatic transmission the factory ever put in a Jeep and they commonly can run over 200,000 miles with regular fluid changes.

How much power can a AW4 handle?

^This, the AW4 is rated for 450lb-ft of torque so it should be able to handle just about anything you can bolt onto a 4.0L I6 or a stroker just fine.

Where is Aisin transmission made?

Aisin Kiko Co., Ltd.

Address 70-6 Ikegami, Tomokuni, Kira-cho, Nishio, Aichi, 444-0504, Japan
Business Manufacture and development of functional automatic transmission components, drivetrain-related and body-related components

Is the Aisin transmission made by Allison?

Aisin Seiki Company Ltd. and Allison Transmission, General Motors Corporation announced on July 27 that their Aisin General Motors Allison (AGMA) joint venture will come to an end on July 31.

How much power can an AW4 handle?

How do I know if I have a AW4 transmission?

Access the Jeep Cherokee’s transmission by looking underneath the Cherokee. Identification numbers for the AW4 and 30RH are located on the passenger’s side while 46RH and 42RE numbers are on the driver’s side of the transmission.

Where are Aisin transmissions manufactured?

AISIN Texas Corporation

Address 565 Bolton Road, Cibolo, TX 78124
Business Manufacture of automatic transmissions and hybrid transmissions

Are Aisin parts made in Japan?

Aisin Corporation (株式会社アイシン, Kabushiki gaisha Aishin) is a Japanese corporation that develops and produces components and systems for the automotive industry….Aisin.

Headquarters Kariya, Aichi, Japan
Key people Kanshiro Toyoda (Chairman) Fumio Fujimori (President)
Products Automotive parts
Revenue ¥3,243.178 billion (2016)