Where can I watch mysteries of Laura Season 2?

Where can I watch mysteries of Laura Season 2?

You are able to stream The Mysteries of Laura for free on Tubi.

How many episodes of the mysteries of Laura are there?

38The Mysteries of Laura / Number of episodes

What channel is the mysteries of Laura on?

NBCThe Mysteries of Laura / NetworkThe National Broadcasting Company is an American English-language commercial broadcast television and radio network which is owned by Comcast through NBCUniversal. The network is headquartered at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, with additional major offices near Los Angeles, and Chicago. Wikipedia

Is the mysteries of Laura on prime?

Watch The Mysteries Of Laura: The Complete First Season | Prime Video.

Why was mysteries of Laura Cancelled?

NBC’s lack of ownership stake in the show (Laura is a Warner Bros. property) likely weighed heavily in the network’s decision to whack it. Meanwhile, TVLine has learned that Warner Bros. has no current plans to find a new home for Laura.

How did mysteries of Laura end?

Season two of The Mysteries of Laura finished on a major cliffhanger, with Laura (Messing) trying to stop her ex-husband Jake (Lucas) from proposing to his new girlfriend (Jenna Fischer). Sadly, Laura arrived just a moment too late, and the season ended with Jake getting engaged.

Why did mysteries of Laura get Cancelled?

How many seasons does mysteries of Laura have?

2The Mysteries of Laura / Number of seasons

How many seasons are there of Mysteries of Laura?

Why did Frankie leave The Mysteries of Laura?

She was married to another Detective like Laura but her husband was killed in the line of duty. She went to the Department of the 2nd District because of an inappropriate relationship, which she finds out was true but because of the good group all the Detectives made she decided to transfer herself to the Department.

Is there a mysteries of Laura Season 3?

‘Mysteries of Laura’ Cancelled for Season 3 at NBC | TVLine.

Will there be another season of Mysteries of Laura?

LOS ANGELES, May 16 (UPI) — The Mysteries of Laura has been canceled after two seasons. NBC gave the police procedural the axe after canceling five other series, including Telenovela and Undateable. The Mysteries of Laura premiered in 2014 and aired its Season 2 finale in March.