Where do you park for the Sandcastle Blackpool?

Where do you park for the Sandcastle Blackpool?

Car parking Sandcastle Waterpark is located on the South Beach area of the promenade (postcode FY41BB) which is equipped with a council pay and display car park. For full details of nearby parking facilities please visit the Council Car Park website – click here.

Where can I park for free in Blackpool?

Free Parking near Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark

  • Station Road.
  • Withnell Road.
  • Coniston Road.
  • Ullswater Road.
  • Osborne Road.
  • Balmoral Road.
  • Dean Street.
  • Thirlmere Road.

Where can I park my car in Blackpool?

Please note, you may have to pay for parking.

  • Talbot Road car park (FY1 1AU) – 2x Type 2, 22Kw (fast)
  • West Street car park (FY1 1HA) – 1x Type 2, 22Kw (fast)
  • Pleasure Beach – FY4 1EZ.
  • Sainsbury’s – FY1 3AJ.
  • Grand Hotel Blackpool – FY1 2JQ.
  • Houndshill Shopping Centre – FY1 4HU.

Who owns Blackpool Sandcastle?

Sandcastle Waterpark is an indoor waterpark with 18 Slides and Attractions, in an 84-degree tropical climate located at South Beach in Blackpool, Lancashire, England….Sandcastle Water Park (Blackpool)

Sandcastle Water Park
Owner Blackpool Council
Opened 26 June 1986

How much is parking at Blackpool?

Off-street parking

Location Operator Price
Tower Street car park Blackpool Council £1.20 / hour
South King Street Car Park Blackpool Council £2.50 / 2 hours
East Topping Street Car Park Blackpool Council £3.00 / 2 hours
Central Blackpool Council £3.00 / 2 hours

How much is Blackpool front parking?

Promenade, Princes Way, Bond Street, Watson Road

Length of time Vehicle type Tariff
Up to 1 hour Cars £1.50
Up to 2 hours Cars £2.50
Up to 4 hours Cars £5
Up to 8 hours Cars £8

How much is Blackpool car parking?

How much is 24hr parking in Blackpool?

Central Car Park (Seasiders Way/Central Drive, Blackpool) – 24 hours – FY1 5QB

Up to 2 hours Cars £3
Up to 24 hours Cars £14
Up to 48 hours Cars £16
Up to 72 hours Cars £18
Up to 96 hours Cars £20