Where was Elizabeth Stride born?

Where was Elizabeth Stride born?

Torslanda, SwedenElizabeth Stride / Place of birthTorslanda is an urban district situated in Gothenburg Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. It had 10,129 inhabitants in 2005. Wikipedia

Where was Elizabeth Stride found dead?

Whitechapel, London, United KingdomElizabeth Stride / Place of death

Who is Elizabeth Stride?

Elizabeth “Long Liz” Stride (née Gustafsdotter; 27 November 1843 – 30 September 1888) is believed to have been the third victim of the unidentified serial killer known as Jack the Ripper, who killed and mutilated at least five women in the Whitechapel and Spitalfields districts of London from late August to early …

Where was Mary Ann Nichols found dead?

London, United KingdomMary Ann Nichols / Place of death

How old was Lizzie stride when she died?

44 years (1843–1888)Elizabeth Stride / Age at death

Where was Mary Jane Kelly found dead?

Dorset Street, LondonMary Jane Kelly / Place of deathDorset Street was a street in Spitalfields, East London, once situated at the heart of the area’s rookery. By repute it was “the worst street in London”, and it was the scene of the brutal murder of Mary Jane Kelly by Jack the Ripper on 9 November 1888. Wikipedia

How old was Annie Chapman when she died?

47 years (1840–1888)Annie Chapman / Age at death

Where is Mary Kelly buried?

November 19, 1888Mary Jane Kelly / Date of burial

Where is Annie Chapman buried?

Manor Park CemeteryAnnie Chapman / Place of burial

She was buried on the 14th of September 1888 in Manor Park Cemetery, Serbert Road, Forest Gate, London.

Where was Annie Chapman body found?

29 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, London

Annie Chapman
Body discovered 29 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, London 51°31′13.35″N 0°4′21.20″W
Resting place Manor Park Cemetery and Crematorium, Forest Gate, London, England51.552354°N 0.043065°E (memorial plaque)
Occupation Flower seller, crocheter, beggar, casual prostitute
Known for Victim of serial murder

Was Mary Ann Nichols married?

She was the second of three children born to Edward Walker, a locksmith (later a blacksmith), and Caroline (née Webb), a laundress. Little is known of her early life, although she is known to have been christened by the year 1851. At age 18, Walker married a printer’s machinist named William Nichols.