Which Baldwin is in NCIS: Los Angeles?

Which Baldwin is in NCIS: Los Angeles?

Adam Baldwin (born February 27, 1962) is an American actor who appeared in the NCIS Season 1 episode, A Weak Link (episode) as Michael Rainer.

Who is the white ghost on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Jack Simon
Jack Simon (AKA “The White Ghost”) is a former Marine and the ex-fiancĂ© of NCIS Special Agent, Kensi Blye.

Who plays Nettie in NCIS: LA?

Linda Hunt

Linda Hunt
Hunt in 2015
Born Lydia Susanna Hunt April 2, 1945 Morristown, New Jersey, U.S.
Education Art Institute of Chicago (BFA)
Occupation Actress

What season was Deeks tortured?

Season 5
Sam and Deeks try to recover from traumatic torture that will have a lasting impact on their personal and professional relationships.

Is Linda Hunt coming back to NCIS Los Angeles?

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Linda Hunt Returns as Hetty in Season 14, Fall 2022 | TVLine.

Was Sabatino The Mole?

The moles have ties to the CIA. They include CIA Officers Vostanik Sabatino (Erik Palladino), Randall Sharov (Salvator Xuereb), and Kensi’s friend from rehab, Sullivan, a.k.a. CIA Officer Ferris.

Is Jack the White Ghost?

Jack Simon (aka The White Ghost) is a former U.S. Marine who suffered from PTSD and then later worked as a Private Military Contractor and did some work for the CIA until they cut ties with him and tried to kill him.

Why did Hattie leave NCIS: Los Angeles?

She gave her notice and is leaving NCIS to work with Eric Beale (Barrett Foa) at his computer software company Kaleidoscope, which is opening up a new office in Tokyo.

In what episode did Sam and Deeks get tortured?

Ascension is the first episode of NCIS: Los Angeles Season Five as well as the 97th episode of the entire series.

What episode of NCIS Los Angeles does Kensi go into a coma?

In the second episode Belly of the Beast, the team travels to Syria to capture a terrorist but their mission is aborted when their aeroplane is shot down. In the wreckage, Kensi gets stuck inside the nose of the plane and goes into a coma.