Which is better Ooty or Coonoor?

Which is better Ooty or Coonoor?

Ooty is the most well recognized hill station of Tamil Nadu and is easily accessible from TN as well as Karnataka – hence gets overcrowded. Between the two, Coonoor is a better bet. Kodai is better than either within TN. If you must have a commercialised busier place, Ooty.

Why is Coonoor famous?

Coonoor India is the second largest hill station located in the Nilgiri hills. Famous for its verdant environs, Coonoor is home to various wildflowers and birds. Coonoor provides a perfect setting for activities like trekking and hiking. It is also famous for its tea plantations and festivals.

Is it worth visiting Coonoor?

Is Coonoor worth visiting? Yes, tucked away in the Nilgiri hills, away from the hustle and bustle of Ooty, Coonoor is a quaint hill station worth a visit. Lush green forests, pretty colonial bungalows, and verdant tea plantations instantly win over your heart.

What are special places in Ooty?

15 Best Places To Visit In Ooty

  • Botanical Garden.
  • Ooty Lake.
  • Needle View Hillpoint.
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway.
  • Rose Garden.
  • Emerald Lake.
  • Wenlock Downs.
  • Kalhatti Falls.

How many days are enough for Coonoor?

I will suggest you to give atleast 5-7 days to explore in a good way. Ooty- Coonoor- The Green Giants! To be honest , there’s no enough time to witness the beauty of nature! go over there and stay till you’ve satisfied! 🙂 Stay all 3 nights in Ooty .

Is Coonoor open?

Entry Fee and Timings of Sim’s Park, Coonoor It is open for its visitors from 9 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

What is the cost of Ooty trip?

Ooty Packages

Ooty Packages Day/Night Price
Colors of South Package 5 Days/4 Nights ₹31,795
Misty hills of Nilgiris – Ooty and Kodaikanal – Value Added Package 5 Days/4 Nights ₹31,500
Amazing Ooty 3N with Flights & Transfers Package 4 Days/3 Nights ₹27,286
Amazing Ooty 2N with Flights & Transfers Package 3 Days/2 Nights ₹24,784

What is the best time to visit Coonoor?

The best time to visit Coonoor is between the months of October to March. The summer season begins from March and remains till May. The temperature of the season ranges from 22°C to 37°C. The summer season grants the most arresting view of the place.

Is E-pass mandatory for Ooty?

E-Passes are not required anymore. The E-Registration only keeps count of people travelling into Ooty for better tracking. Just keep a printout of the registration and you can travel to Ooty.

How many days is good for Ooty?