Which province is the most dangerous in Canada?

Which province is the most dangerous in Canada?

Crime severity index in Canada in 2020, by province

Province Crime severity index
Saskatchewan 141.11
Manitoba 125.23
Alberta 107.36
British Columbia 95.71

Are there dangerous places in Canada?

Most dangerous by type of crime Looking exclusively at homicide rate, Quesnel and Williams Lake remain in the top 10, Surrey moves up to 38th and Vancouver moves up to 47th. When it comes to rate of sexual assault, Williams Lake is third in the country, and Terrace remains in the top 10.

What 3 cities in Canada have the highest crime rate?

Cities With Highest Crime Rate Canada 2021

  • Hamilton Ontario.
  • Regina.
  • Brampton.
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • North Bay, Canada.
  • Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
  • Sudbury, Ontario.
  • Red Deer, Alberta.

What is Canada’s biggest crime?

Homicide, the willful killing of one human being by another, is often used as a key indicator for violent crime as a whole, as it is the most reliably reported violent crime and the easiest to compare against other countries. In 2020, Canada’s homicide rate was 1.95 homicides per 100,000 residents.

What is the scariest city in Canada?

By a long shot, the most dangerous city in Canada is listed as North Battleford, Saskatchewan. North Battleford has been deemed the “crime capital of Canada” for quite some time now. The city has a population of 14,535, but tops the charts for youth crime, firearms offences, breaking and entering, and impaired driving.

What is the poorest city in Canada?

Vancouver. Once again, an area of the Downtown Eastside is Canada’s poorest census tract, with a median income of under $18,000.

What is the dirtiest city in Canada?

What are the dirtiest cities in Canada?

Rank City Pollution Index
1 Hamilton 54.81
2 Regina 39.86
3 Toronto 38.09
4 Winnipeg 37.02