Who has the most 60+ yard field goals?

Who has the most 60+ yard field goals?

List of 60-Yard Field Goals

  • 66 Yards: Justin Tucker (Baltimore Ravens, 2021)
  • 64 Yards: Matt Prater (Denver Broncos, 2013)

Who has the record for the longest field goal?

The Broncos kicker slugged a 64-yard field goal in December of 2013 against the Titans. It didn’t finish the game off but it did send Denver to the halftime tunnel extremely pumped up. Justin Tucker is responsible for the longest field goal in NFL history.

Who holds the record for the longest field goal in college football?

kicker Ove Johansson
The longest field goal in recorded football history was 69 yards, set by collegiate kicker Ove Johansson, who was born in Sweden, in a 1976 Abilene Christian University football game against East Texas State University (now Texas A&M Commerce) at Shotwell Stadium in Abilene.

Can you kick a field goal on a kickoff?

FIELD GOAL A kickoff is neither a play from scrimmage nor a fair catch kick (a fair catch kick can occur only immediately following a kick that was fair-caught). Therefore, kicking the ball through the uprights results merely in a touchback, just like kicking the ball out of any other part of the end zone would.

Who has the most field goals over 50 yards?

Cardinals kicker Matt Prater has most 50-yard field goals in NFL history and shows no sign of slowing.

What’s the longest field gold?

Earlier this season, Baltimore Ravens’ kicker Justin Tucker converted the longest field goal in NFL history at 66 yards. Trailing 17-16 to the Detroit Lions in Week 3, Tucker successfully kicked a field goal that bounced off the cross bar and through the uprights to give the Ravens the victory as time expired.

Can you punt for a field goal?

A field goal cannot be scored on a punt kick. By contrast, the now very rarely attempted drop kick can be used to score either field goals or extra points in both American and Canadian football.

What is the longest kickoff return in college football?

College Football Player Stats – Longest Kickoff Return

Rank Player Value
1 Charlie Jones 100
1 Brian Battie 100
1 Alan Lamar 100
1 Nikko Reed 100

How far can the average person kick a field goal?

In the NFL, in 2016 the average successful field goal length was 37.7 yards. This number varies greatly, however, depending on the kicker. Weaker kickers may be limited to 30-35 yards, while stronger kickers may even thrive further away.

What is the longest punt ever?

On September 21, 1969, Jets rookie punter Steve O’Neal booted the longest punt in NFL history–a 98-yard blast against the Broncos.