Who holds the record for stealing bases?

Who holds the record for stealing bases?

Rickey Henderson+
Career Leaders & Records for Stolen Bases

Rank Player (yrs, age) Stolen Bases
1. Rickey Henderson+ (25) 1406
2. Lou Brock+ (19) 938
3. Billy Hamilton+ (14) 914
4. Ty Cobb+ (24) 897

Has any MLB pitcher stolen a base?

Amazingly, Morgan collected 689 stolen bases in his career without ever leading the league in any season, thanks in large part to Cardinals speedster Lou Brock. Morgan ranked second in the National League seven times, with Brock leading the NL in five of those seasons and Davey Lopes doing so in the other two.

Who stole 70 bases in a single season?

Brock’s 118 stolen bases in 1974 were by far his best single-season mark, followed by 74 in 1966 and 70 in 1963. Brock led the National League in steals eight times during his career.

Who has 400 home runs and 400 stolen bases?

The spotlight on home-run records was elsewhere Sunday, as it has been all season, when Barry Bonds made a little long-ball history himself. Forum: Where does Bonds rank among baseball’s all-time greats? With his 26th homer of the year, Bonds became the first player to hit 400 home runs and steal 400 bases.

Who stole the most bases last year?

Harrison Bader

Year National League SB
2022 (NL AL) Harrison Bader (STL) • Tommy Edman# (STL) 10
2021 (NL AL) Trea Turner (2TM) 40
2020 (NL AL) Trevor Story (COL) 24
2019 (NL AL) Ronald Acuna Jr. (ATL) 46

What first baseman has the most stolen bases?

Since 1923, Don Baylor has stolen the most bases by a first baseman in a season, with 52 steals in 1976.

Did Terrance Gore play in the World Series?

In his seventh season, Gore has earned a World Series ring as a member of the Kansas City Royals (2015), Los Angeles Dodgers (2020), and this year’s Braves squad. There’s one primary reason why Gore was a member of all of those teams: His speed.

What college did Terrance Gore go to?

Gulf Coast Community College
Terrance J. Gore (born June 8, 1991) is an American professional baseball outfielder who is a free agent. He played college baseball at Gulf Coast Community College. He made his MLB debut in 2014.