Who is Harold Reynolds wife?

Who is Harold Reynolds wife?

Kelley BrowneHarold Reynolds / Wife (m. 2004)

Is Harold Reynolds still married?

Harold Reynolds is a former Major League Baseball (MLB) second baseman. He played for the Seattle Mariners, Baltimore Orioles, and California Angels within MLB….Quick Facts about Harold Reynolds.

Full Name Harold Craig Reynolds
Eye Color Dark Brown
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kelly Browne
Children Not Known

Where did Harold Reynolds grow up?

Born in Eugene, Oregon, Reynolds was raised in Corvallis and starred in football, basketball, and baseball at Corvallis High School. He was a member of the state championship (AAA) football team in 1978, graduated in 1979, and was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1998.

How much does Harold Reynolds make?

Harold Reynolds net worth: Harold Reynolds is an American baseball analyst and retired professional baseball player who has a net worth of $7 million. Harold Reynolds was born in Eugene, Oregon in November 1960….Harold Reynolds Net Worth.

Net Worth: $7 Million
Profession: Baseball player, Commentator, Actor
Nationality: United States of America

How old is Harold Reynolds?

61 years (November 26, 1960)Harold Reynolds / Age

How much is a Harold Reynolds baseball card worth?

Harold Reynolds Baseball Trading Card Values

1982 TCMA Lynn Sailors #17 Harold Reynolds $1.05
1986 Topps #769 Harold Reynolds $0.34
1986 Topps Tiffany #769 Harold Reynolds $4.53
1987 Donruss #489 Harold Reynolds $0.34
1987 Donruss Factory Set (Inverted Back) #489 Harold Reynolds $0.34

Where did Harold Reynolds go to college?

Cañada College
Corvallis High SchoolSan Diego State University
Harold Reynolds/Education

How tall is Harold Reynolds?

5′ 11″Harold Reynolds / Height

Where is Harold Reynolds now?

He joined ESPN in 1996, where he worked on Baseball Tonight for 11 years. After being fired for sexual harassment in 2006, he eventually joined MLB Network in 2009, which is where he remains today.

Is Dan Plesac in the Hall of Fame?

Plesac attended Crown Point High School in Crown Point, Indiana, where he excelled in baseball, basketball, football, and track. Plesac played college baseball for the NC State Wolfpack in the early 1980s. Plesac was inducted to the North Carolina State Baseball Hall of Fame in 2010.

Where did Dan Plesac go to college?

North Carolina State University
Crown Point High School
Dan Plesac/Education

Is Dan Plesac married?

Leslie PlesacDan Plesac / Spouse (m.?–2005)