Who is the owner of Lugazi sugar?

Who is the owner of Lugazi sugar?

Anil Kumar Shah
Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited

Type Parastatal
Industry Manufacture & Distribution of Sugar
Founded 1924
Headquarters Lugazi, Uganda
Key people Anil Kumar Shah Chief Executive of Mehta Group of Companies

What is the biggest sugar factory in Uganda?

Kakira Sugar Works Limited
With Uganda’s annual consumption of 360,000 metric tonnes, approximately 150,000 metric tonnes annually are available for export….Output and market share.

Rank 1
Name of manufacturer Kakira Sugar Works Limited
2014 output (metric tonnes) 180,000
Market share 41.06%

Who started Lugazi sugar factory?

First sugar factory: Mehta established the first sugar factory and estate in Uganda in Lugazi in 1924. The factory had a 48-foot mill and included a complete plant capable of producing a tonne of white sugar an hour.

How many sugar companies are there in Uganda?

As of May 2021, Uganda had five major sugar manufacturers, namely (a) GM Sugar Uganda Limited (b) Kakira Sugar Works (c) Kinyara Sugar Works Limited (d) Sango Bay Estates Limited and Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited.

Who is owner of Mehta group?

Shri Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta
Shri Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta, the founder of the Mehta Group, was endowed with exceptional entrepreneurial abilities.

Does Uganda produce sugar?

As of 2019, Uganda was the largest producer of sugar in East Africa with an output of 514 thousand metric tons.

Who is the owner of Kinyara sugar Works?

Sarrai Group
Kinyara Sugar Limited (KSL) formally Kinyara Sugar Works Limited (KSWL), is a sugar manufacturer in Uganda….Kinyara Sugar Works Limited.

Type Private: Subsidiary of Sarrai Group
Products Sugar
Number of employees 12,150 (2022)
Website Homepage

Where is sugar grown in Uganda?

More than any region in Uganda, Busoga is the largest sugarcane producer, hosting majority of the licensed sugar factories in Uganda (Nakato 2017). Despite hosting sugarcane, which is one of the largest plantation crops in Uganda (Republic of Uganda 2010), Busoga sub region is also economically constrained.

Where was Jay Mehta born?

IndiaJay Mehta / Place of birth

Which country is the largest producer of sugar in Africa?

As of 2019, Uganda was the largest producer of sugar in East Africa with an output of 514 thousand metric tons. Kenya ranked second producing close to 441 thousand metric tons of sugar….Sugar production in East Africa in 2019, by selected country (in metric tons)

Characteristic Sugar production in metric tons

Where is sugarcane processed in Uganda?

Majority of the milling plants are in the Eastern region, particularly in Busoga region with 35 per cent, followed by the Central region with 27 per cent, then Western region at 26 and Northern region at 20 per cent.