Who is the strongest in Seirei tsukai No Blade Dance?

Who is the strongest in Seirei tsukai No Blade Dance?

Ren Ashbell
There are only a few characters who know about Kamito’s secret identity as the Strongest Blade Dancer, Ren Ashbell.

Why did restia leave Kamito?

Restia met Kamito at the Instructional School. To further improve his skills, she became his mentor, teaching him combat and various of things about the world. Her spirit contract with Kamito was also partially severed so she couldn’t return to the spirit world and he couldn’t use her as a partner.

Is Bladedance of Elementalers a harem?

Beyond that the show is fantasy, magic, ecchi, comedy, supernatural. The clear romance and harem aspect will come into play after the rest of the characters are introduced. All in all its nothing revolutionary but still a fun series in my own opinion, worth the watch.

Will there be a second season of Seirei tsukai No Blade Dance?

This is the reason that even though there is enough source material to make a second season there has been no announcement about the second season even after it has been more than 6 years since the first season of the show came out. So it is very unlikely that the series will return in the near future.

Is Kamito a contracted spirit?

In order to save her life and much to Claire’s chagrin, Kamito forms a contract with the sword spirit himself, turning him into the only male elementalist in the world (he also becomes the second male elementalist in 1000 years).

Who found Kamito Ren Ashbell?

In the anime only Greyworth, Fianna and Velsaria know that he is Ren Ashbell (also, Velsaria didn’t die after her fight with Kamito. He liberated her from the cursed armament seal implanted in her heart, which saved Velsaria’s life but made get unable to use spirits again. She appears many other times in the novels).

Does Kamito awaken?

In one of the side stories, it was mentioned that he could only awaken as the Demon King by killing the one most precious to him, in Volume 11, he unintentionally pierced Restia using Est seemingly killing her in the process, but was awakened because of a delayed spell.

Is Seirei tsukai No Blade Dance ecchi?

This show is very big on ecchi and basically strips its girls naked just to reveal to you that “it’s this kind of show.” (Hell, the opening scene for Claire is a scene of her bathing in a lake with Kamito “peeping” in.) The ecchi for this show is quite extreme and they really don’t hold back on flaunting their girls.

Is Blade dance a romance?

Yes this is harem romance comedy with fantasy setting and dash of action. Nothing new here but it’s not like being unoriginal equal boring. Blade Dance is type of series that not try to hard to be deep or complicated series.

How many episodes does Blade Dance have?

Bladedance of Elementalers

精霊使いの剣舞 (Seirei Tsukai no Bureidodansu)
Original network AT-X, Tokyo MX, MBS, TVA, BS11
English network Anime Network SEA Animax Asia
Original run July 14, 2014 – September 29, 2014
Episodes 12 + 6 specials

Is Kamito in love with restia?

Restia is the most important to Kamito she is the one that gave him a heart. Both Kamito and Restia highest amount of love. He specifically went to the academy in the first place to get her back.

How Old Is EST from Blade Dance of the Elementalers?

about 12-13 years old
She has long, white hair, blue eyes, and in human form looks to be about 12-13 years old. She is usually stoic (speaking softly in a monotone), but she likes to be praised and having Kamito pat her on the head. Est is especially jealous of Restia.