Who played Rangi on Shortland Street?

Who played Rangi on Shortland Street?

Blair Strang
Te Rangitahi “Rangi” Heremaia is a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street who was portrayed by Blair Strang from 1995 to 2001. The character was renowned and iconic for his absurd and unrealistic storylines.

Who did Katrina Hobbs play on Shortland Street?

In 2022 Hobbs returned to Kiwi screens as meddling mum Liz Griffiths, on popular soap Shortland Street; she’d previously played a cop who romances Blair Strang’s character back in 1999.

Who plays Brett Shortland Street?

Richard Lambeth is an actor, known for Step Dave (2014), Shortland Street (1992) and The Lovely …

What happened to Curtis Hannah on Shortland Street?

Jack follows her and is there at the end when Curtis is shot dead in front of Esther and their newborn daughter Pikitea. Jayden Daniels and Reuben Milner from Shortland Street: Retribution.

Is Jessica Hobbs related to Katrina Hobbs?

Kiwi director Jessica Hobbs has been nominated for an Emmy for her work on the third-season finale of The Crown. Hobbs is part of the Kiwi showbiz family of former Shortland Street stars – brother Chris, Katrina and Rebecca.

How old is dawn on Shortland Street?

In fact, the 26-year-old actress says that when she first read the brief for Dawn before auditioning for the role, she felt like she was reading about herself. “Farming background, bubbly personality, all these things,” she recalls. “I read the brief and thought ‘This is me.

Has Boyd left Shortland Street?

Boyd made an unannounced departure from the street on the 16 September 2021 after reuniting with his wife Zara Chakraborty. Sam Bunkall served a total of 9 years on the show, being one of the longest characters on the show.

Why did Jayden leave Shortland Street?

This was done as in reality: Jayden Daniels left the show to film season 2 of Head High on TV3. Both he and Esther Samuel are the main characters of the franchise’s first R-16 spinoff – Shortland Street: Retribution, with Curtis reprising the role of an undercover Iron Dogs gang member.

Does Kylie leave Shortland Street?

Kylie Samuels (previously Brown, also Connelly) is a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street portrayed by Kerry-Lee Dewing….

Kylie Brown
Portrayed by Kerry-Lee Dewing
Duration 2012–2020
First appearance 24 September 2012
Last appearance 28 February 2020

Is Jessica Hobbs a kiwi?

Award-winning Kiwi director Jessica Hobbs on why she said yes to another season of The Crown. Weren’t we all very proud in October when Kiwi director Jessica Hobbs won a Primetime Emmy? Jessica won for her work on the season finale of Netflix’s royal drama The Crown, an episode entitled War.

How old is Jessica Hobbs?

About 55 years (1967)Jessica Hobbs / Age

What happened to Margaret Hannah on Shortland Street?

Pixie was the first to die, succumbing to cancer in 2015. Mo died three years later, in the 2018 Christmas cliffhanger from injuries he received in a plane crash, and mum Margaret is battling cancer at her new home in Waiheke.