Are Hazelton pianos good?

Are Hazelton pianos good?

Hazelton’s are truly a piece of American history and are a testament to the endurance of superior craftsmanship. Because of this, many instruments are certainly worth restoring. Square grands can sell for $35,000 and up, and grands are sometimes valued even higher.

What does a serial number on a piano tell you?

Piano serial numbers identify the: Piano’s year of manufacture, as well as. The circumstances surrounding the production of your piano, including factory history, manufacturing processes, and company ownership and oversight.

Where is piano serial number?

Usually four to eight digits, the serial number is most often located near the tuning pins, either printed directly on the plate or engraved in the wooden pinblock and showing through a cut-away portion of the plate.

How much is a 70 year old piano worth?

SO – What’s my piano worth?

Piano Type Age Approximate Value Range
Steinway & Sons 5-10 years Around 80% of new $60,000 to $90,000
Steinway & Sons 10-20 years 60-70 % of new $45,000 to $70,000
Steinway & Sons 20-30 years 50% of new $40,000 – $60,000

Do all pianos have serial numbers?

Pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers, such is the case with part or patent numbers. Some pianos do not have serial numberswhen they are manufactured as “House Brands” for large retailers. PIANO RATINGS | ARCHIVES| APPRAISALS|PIANO TYPES| BLUEBOOK VALUE| SELL YOUR PIANO

Who makes Hamilton pianos?

Re-introduced in the 1990s has pianos manufactured to their specifications by various Asian manufacturers including the Dong Bei Piano Group factory, in the Liaonin province of China. RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE HAMILTON Built by Baldwin

Are there any Baldwin Pianos that are not included in the listings?

All Baldwin Upright or Vertical Pianos – Does not include Hamilton Studios or Baldwin Grand Pianos. AEOLIAN/ AEOLIAN – AMERICAN Est. 1903 – New York, N.Y.

What year is the serial number on the instrument?

Serial Numbers are for the first instrument made in year shown. 1917-1700 1918-1800 1919-1900 1920-2100 1921-2650 1922-3150 1923-3650 1924-4250 1925-4950 1926-5700 1927-6500 1928-7750 1929-8928 1930-10163 1931-11719