Are Rio Lobo and El Dorado the same movie?

Are Rio Lobo and El Dorado the same movie?

“El Dorado” was a remake of Hawks’ “Rio Bravo” (1958), and “Rio Lobo” draws from both of them. (It is said that when Hawks called Wayne and offered to send over the script, Wayne replied, “Why bother? I’ve already made the movie twice.”) This time we get some introductory Civil War action before Wayne heads West.

What is the movie Rio Lobo about?

Union leader Cord McNally (John Wayne) is protecting a routine gold shipment when his troops are attacked by Confederate forces. Not only does he lose the gold, but one of his strongest officers is killed in the raid. At the end of the Civil War, McNally learns that the raiders had help from the inside, and he vows to uncover the two traitors. After a chance encounter with one of the turncoats, McNally travels to the town of Rio Lobo and makes an unexpected discovery.Rio Lobo / Film synopsis

How does Rio Lobo end?

At the end of the film, Cordona and Tuscarora go off with their women and Wayne, left alone, turns to Amelita (Sherry Lansing, who would become the first female president of a Hollywood studio, Fox, in 1982, and then run Paramount for over a decade), whose face had been disfigured by the villains.

Who was the traitor in Rio Lobo?

Cordona identifies Whitey as one of the traitors that McNally is looking for. He tells McNally that Tuscarora had contacted him and told him that his father and other ranchers are having land stolen by a rich man named Ketcham, who had the previous sheriff killed and installed Hendricks in his place.

Which came first Rio Bravo or El Dorado?

El Dorado is the second of three films directed by Hawks about a sheriff defending his office against belligerent outlaw elements, coming after Rio Bravo (1959) and before Rio Lobo (1970), both also starring Wayne in similar roles.

What is the difference between El Dorado and Rio Bravo?

“El Dorado” is essentially a darker remake of “Rio Bravo,” with Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Hunnicutt and James Caan as the now archetypal quartet. But, though the situation is the same, the mood is crisper, tenser, with a heightened sense of pain, loss and death underlying the humor and action.

Did John Wayne’s son star in Rio Lobo?

In the 1970 film “Rio Lobo”, John Wayne appears with his son Ethan Wayne. Ethan’s role is that of the spunky young kid, who likes wearing clothes which would put him in the Union Army as a soldier if he were not under age. With this role, Ethan was an unknown and received no credited.

Are Rio Bravo and El Dorado the same story?

Since “Rio Bravo” was such a huge success, producer/director Howard Hawks and screenwriter Leigh Brackett reworked the “Rio Bravo” script slightly to make El Dorado (1966), with an almost identical story, with Robert Mitchum portraying the drunk deputy, (only this time a sheriff) and James Caan portraying the kid named …

What horse did John Wayne ride in Rio Lobo?

Keffeler. ”Dollor was ridden hard, and John Wayne shot guns off him while riding him. Dollor still gets excited when he hears John Wayne`s voice.

Why are El Dorado and Rio Bravo the same movie?

El Dorado started out as an adaptation of the Harry Brown novel, The Stars in Their Courses; Hawks’ frequent screenwriter Leigh Brackett was working on a screenplay, but soon enough everything changed and it ended up as a remake of Rio Bravo or rather a re-imagining of the same story, much to the disappointment of …

Where was the train scene filmed in Rio Lobo?

Re: Rio Lobo Movie Steam Drew is correct. According to Larry Jensen’s book The Movie Railroads, this 1970 film was made in Mexico using NdeM No. 650, dressed as U.S. Military Railroads No. 17.

Which movie came first Rio Bravo or El Dorado?