Are Seagull guitars any good?

Are Seagull guitars any good?

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, I would recommend Seagull guitars to everyone looking for something durable and good-quality. The guitars of Seagull brand are one of the best guitars of 2021 due to their incredible sound quality and long-lasting natural wood makeup.

Is cedar good for guitars?

Cedar is the most popular top tonewood for classical guitars and is an excellent choice for steel-string acoustics as well. A variety of cedars can be seen in acoustic guitar tops and necks, though it’s uncommon to see it used as a back and sides material and certainly as a fretboard material.

Is The Seagull S6 all solid wood?

Solid Cedar Tonewoods Its choice of tonewood is not the typical spruce wood top common on most beginner guitars. Instead, the Seagull S6 uses a pressure-tested solid cedar top. This tonewood creates a unique guitar tone, it’s sturdy, it’s light, and it sets the difference.

What is the nut width on a Seagull S6?


Shapes Dreadnought
Nut Width 1.8″ (45.72mm)
Scale 25.5″ (647.7mm)
Upper Bout 11.38″ (289.05mm)
Waist 10.54″ (267.72mm)

Do cedar top guitars sound better with age?

Cedar tends to get even better sounding with age, as do many woods. Spruce on the other hand, is lighter in color, and a true hardwood.

Which is better spruce or cedar?

Spruce guitars typically have a quite direct sound with a bell-like tone. They seem to be more clear, balanced and sometimes have more sustain. Cedar however, makes the guitar sound darker, warmer and generally fuller.

Do Seagull guitars have a truss rod?

The truss rod is used to adjust for changes in the neck caused by humidity or changing string gauges. Seagull guitars employ an advanced double function truss system.