Are seatpost shims a bad idea?

Are seatpost shims a bad idea?

Condensed answer: Seatpost shims are adapters allowing the installation of seatposts that are too slim for a specific frame. Shims do their job fairly well and therefore aren’t a bad idea if your seatpost is too small for your seat tube.

Can you use a seatpost shim in a carbon frame?

I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t use a seatpost at the minimum insertion depth on carbon fiber in principle, plus risking voiding a frame warranty. Lengthy discussion about shims voiding warranty. I think it’s BS on the frame manufacturer part if the shim is a decent quality one, but not all shims are created equal.

How do I stop my carbon seat post from slipping?

For carbon posts in carbon frames use carbon assembly paste to prevent slipping. But first, since I have seen grease applied to carbon posts and frames, check your seat post and frame to make sure there isn’t any grease. If there is, clean it off with a mild solvent such as isopropyl alcohol.

How do you use a seatpost shim?

Slide the post into your frame without the shim and mark the point where it will be clamped in the frame for your desired saddle height. Wipe a thin layer of grease on the seat post and inside the frame. Wrap the shim around the seat post tightly and make sure that the edges are flat.

How do you tighten a carbon seat post?

Just about all the cf seat posts have recommended torque settings, but if you have a good sense of feel, use a 3 way hex wrench and tighten using your fingers until it’s good and solid and the wrench starts to fex, then stop.

Does carbon paste stop creaking?

Carbon paste has fixed all sorts of creaks for me. Often after getting stuck in the rain my bike creaks like crazy. Redoing my seatpost and stem with fresh carbon paste often fixes it.

Why does my carbon bike creak?

“Additionally, carbon seatposts can swell slightly too, so it’s worth bearing that in mind that while this can get it stuck, it can also cause a creak as well.