Can you breed different color Silkies?

Can you breed different color Silkies?

So, basically, if you only had blue, black and splash Silkies in your flock, you could have them mate and produce chicks of blue, black and splash colors in varying numbers without worrying that they will produce a confused color such as if a buff hen were to be covered by a black rooster.

Can Silkies crossbreed?

They can breed with any other chicken in the flock provided the size difference is not to great. It is sometimes desirable to cross a silkie male with a flock of other broody bantams like Light Sussex or Barnevelder to produce a cross breed that is still a good broody and mother.

How do you breed paint Silkies?

How to breed paint Silkies: Paint Silkies are produced by breeding a dominant white Silkie to a black Silkie. After that the genetics get complicated as they do not breed 100% true in future matings. Paint Silkies can produce chicks that are paint, white or black.

Are black Silkies rare?

A rare genetic mutation of hyperpigmentation is what gives silkies their unusual black coloring.

What makes a lavender Silkie?

Lavender silkies have been shown since the early the 2000’s. Lavender is a recessive color and requires two copies of the lavender gene to express itself. However it breeds true, so 2 lavender birds will produce lavender chicks. The thing with lavender is that they are weak genetically.

How do you get a blue partridge silkie?

To produce the correct colour of partridge Silkie chicks requires a process called double mating where two different pens produce the correct colour for each sex of chicken. You need to have two different breeding pens.

Can you breed a silkie with a Rhode Island Red?

The F1 Cross The rooster (White Silkie) and hen (Rhode Island Red). 3 F1 offspring hatched. One a cockerel, with typical RIR (Rhode Island Red) plumage, skin, and size and silkie temperament, slight crest, and comb.

Do black Silkies lay black eggs?

Do Black Silkie chickens lay black eggs? Like other Silkie varieties, Black Silkies lay small white eggs. Although the deep blue-black feather and meat color is dominant, it has nothing to do with their eggs.

How do you breed a blue Silkie?

To breed for blue Silkies you need to breed a black or a splash to a blue or a blue to a blue.

  1. Black x black = 100% black.
  2. Black x blue = 50% blue 50% black.
  3. Black x splash = 100% blue.
  4. Blue x blue = 25% black 50% blue 25% splash.
  5. Blue x splash = 25% blue 75% splash.

Can you cross breed black and white Silkies?

Black and White crossed together will not produce Grey. Grey is just another name for Silver Partridge. The reason you don’t want to cross the two is because the recessive white in silkies can cover other colors. Here is a way I explain it: Say you breed two colored birds (any color doesn’t matter) and each carries recessive white.

Are Silkies dominant white or recessive white?

In Australia, silkies tend to be c/c, or recessive white. The dominant white gene I needs to be introduced from another breed, such as white leghorn. ER/ER S or s+ and other melanisers. Roosters get a bit of gold or silver in their hackles at about 1.5 years of age as they are rarely on extended black.

Are silkie chickens a good breed to raise?

Although Silkie chickens differs greatly from other popular breeds, making it one of the less common breeds you can raise, it is a one-of-a-kind option that every homesteader should consider for their backyard flock. What Is It Like to Own a Silkie Chicken?

Where do silkie chickens come from?

A popular trade item on the Silk Road, the geography of the Silkie chicken lends itself naturally to the name of this breed. That being said, the Silkie chicken can be traced back to other locations in Southeast Asia as well, such as Java and India.