Do you think ethics is a shared or personal area of knowledge?

Do you think ethics is a shared or personal area of knowledge?

Ethical Knowledge is subjective, but only to some extent. Although shared knowledge does play a role in the formation of ethics, for example with universal values, personal knowledge has the biggest influence on the unique understanding of ethics each of us develops.3

What does Spiderman always say?

Obviously, the most iconic quote from Spider-Man ever is, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Not only was this one of the first things Peter learned on his journey to becoming a hero, but it continues to define and motivate him to this day.25

How do historians produce knowledge?

Historians want to gather and produce knowledge of the recorded past. The object of historical study is very different in nature from other areas of knowledge. Although historians base their findings on evidence, the interpretation of this evidence is key to the creation of historical knowledge.

What is the system of knowledge?

A knowledge system (a.k.a. knowledge-based system) is a program for extending and/or querying a knowledge base. A knowledge base is a collection of knowledge expressed using some formal knowledge representation language.

Who first said with great power?


What is Spider-Man’s catchphrase?

Superhero Catch Phrase
Spider-Man It’s your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!
Spider-Man My Spider-Sense is tingling.
Spider-Man With great power comes great responsibility
Stan Lee Excelsior!

What is the relationship between personal experience and knowledge?

Knowledge emphasizes theory and the obtainment of information and ideas. Experience, on the other hand, stresses practice, or the application of knowledge over a prolonged period of time, in order to reinforce understanding of subject matter or a certain task.21

Where did the saying with great power comes great responsibility come from?

Historically, the unattributed quote dates back to the French Revolution. The following passage appeared with a date of May 8, 1793 in a collection of the decrees made by the French National Convention, which translated is: “They must consider that great responsibility follows inseparably from great power.”16

What are AOKs and WOKs?

AOKs. Areas of knowledge (AOKs) are specific branches of knowledge, each of which can be seen to have a distinct nature and different methods of gaining knowledge. TOK distinguishes between eight areas of knowledge.

What is Captain America’s slogan?

Avengers Assemble

What is the meaning of the phrase knowledge is power?

knowledge is power(Proverb) With knowledge and/or education, one’s potential or ability to succeed in the pursuit of one’s objectives will certainly increase. Etymology: See . Often incorrectly attributed to Francis Bacon.

What did Peter Parker say to Tony Stark?

He had the gauntlet in his hands and lost it (because of Peter Quill), and he’ll take that loss as his fault. What I never realized was that as Tony is dying after snapping his fingers, the last thing that Peter Parker says to him, again, is “I’m sorry.”30

Is ethics an area of knowledge?

Ethics has been removed as a specific area of knowledge, although we consider the relationship between knowledge and values throughout the course, so you’ll find a lot of notes, quotes, and real-life situations dealing with this throughout the ‘new’ areas of knowledge, and the TOK themes.

Is Tony Stark Peter Parker’s dad?

Peter Parkers father was not Tony Stark. Though Peters Parents might have been spies depending on how much of the Green Goblins ( Harry not Norm) story that he supplied the clones was true. However, Peter Parker new about his father. He lived with his Aunt Mae.

Why did Uncle Ben say with great power comes great responsibility?

Originally Answered: Why does Uncle Ben always tell Peter Parker “With great power, comes great responsibility”? Because with any accumulation of wealth, respect, or influence, one is in a position to use those resources to either benefit society as a whole, or benefit themselves at the expense of others.

How is knowledge acquired in ethics?

One current theory proposes that values and moral knowledge are acquired much in the same manner as other forms of content knowledge, through real world experience. Object knowledge is thought to be influenced by experience and moral knowledge, by social practices.

Is Peter Parker Tony Starks son?

Peter Parker is son of Tony Stark and Maya Hansen in the MCU!

What is Marvel’s slogan?


Who said with knowledge comes great responsibility?

The thematic and often-quoted Spider-Man phrase “with great power comes great responsibility” is widely attributed to the character Uncle Ben.