Does 997 have PDK?

Does 997 have PDK?

During 2009, Porsche updated the 997 line-up including styling changes, a revised engine with direct injection and the introduction of the company’s new “PDK” dual clutch transmission. As a result, the updated 997 models were faster, lighter and more fuel efficient than the outgoing versions, with improved handling.

When did the 911 get PDK?

Starting in 2008, Porsche offered an optional PDK in the 911 Carrera and the 911 Carrera S. The breakthrough came a year later with the world premiere of the Panamera model range. In 2009 the four-door sport sedan became the first Porsche with a standard seven-speed PDK—the PDK I—installed in several variants.

Are 911 997 A Good investment?

The Porsche 911 997 Is A Good Investment Naturally aspirated, high-performance Porsche 911 997 models are appreciating, and most models sell for more than they did five years ago, making them a good investment.

Is Porsche 997 Tiptronic any good?

The Tiptronic works very nicely, it reacts fast, throttle response is pretty good but could be better, especially when the throttle isn’t fully applied. Compared to the 996 Tiptronic setup, the 997 Tiptronic seems to work faster, more spontaneous and much more “logical”.

Is PDK fully automatic?

How the PDK Transmission Works. The 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe PDK is not an automatic transmission, contrary to what some may believe. While automatic transmissions use a torque converter for gear changes, PDK transmissions use human input with paddle shifters to trigger gear changes.

How reliable is Porsche PDK transmission?

The PDK transmission is quite reliable in comparison with other dual-clutch transmissions, but the service life of this unit directly depends on regular maintenance servicing and compliance with operation rules specified by the automaker.

Are 997 values increasing?

Like many modern, second-hand 911s, prices of the 997 base models have been falling ever since they left an OPC forecourt. However, the depreciation on both Gen1 and Gen2 variants is slowing up, so we went to two 911 specialists to find out how low 997 Carrera prices are expected to go.

Is PDK the same as tiptronic?

Wrapping up. As you can see, Tiptronic and PDK transmissions are very different in function. The PDK is a performance-oriented transmission with racing pedigree, and the Tiptronic is Porsches high-tech twist on the classic automatic gearbox.

What is PDK Porsche?

What PDK Means. PDK is an acronym for Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, which directly translates to Porsche dual-clutch transmission. The PDK system was originally developed for racing. It was, and still is, known for some of the fastest shifts that automatic transmissions are capable of.

What is a PDK gearbox Porsche 997?

The PDK gearbox was available for Porsche 997 Carrera and Turbo models 2009 to 2012. The GT-models where only available with manual gearboxes. Porsche’s PDK is a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. The PDK gearbox functions very much like a manual gearbox with the exception that the driver doesn’t engage/dis-engage the clutch.

What happened to the Porsche 997 (911)?

This article applies to the Porsche 997 (911) (2005-2012). The iconic 911 — there is no other car that offers a more visceral and engaging driving experience. But times have changed, and computers have taken over, which means even the most fundamental concepts at Stuttgart have shifted.

What is the Porsche Tiptronic automatic transmission?

The Tiptronic automatic transmission, with an option of controlling shifts, was born. Since then, the Tiptronic has evolved to the next generation dual-clutch automatic PDK transmission, which is now the primary choice of Porsche, and customers are left to decide how to equip their dream machines.

Is the PDK gearbox the same as the tiptronic gearbox?

This article applies to the Porsche 997 (2009-2012). With the 2nd version of Porsche 997, the PDK gearbox was introduced as a replacement to the Tiptronic gearbox. However, the PDK gearbox shouldn’t be compared directly to the Tiptronic gearbox. Tiptronic is basically an automatic gearbox with the possibility to shift gears manually.