Does Bloomberg have offices in India?

Does Bloomberg have offices in India?

When Bloomberg opened its first office in India in 1996, we had just a few employees. 20 years on, we have a strong pan-national presence spanning Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore, delivering financial news, data and analysis to local and foreign customers across the India sub-continent.

How do I contact Bloomberg?

  1. Contact. Americas +1 212 318 2000. EMEA +44 20 7330 7500. Asia Pacific +65 6212 1000.
  2. Customer Support. Support Overview. Manage Products and Account Information. B-Unit Setup. B-Unit Touch Setup. API Library. Documentation. FAQ.
  3. Client Access. Bloomberg Anywhere. Bloomberg LEI. Enterprise Console. Bloomberg Vault. Stay Connected.

How do I contact Bloomberg by email?

Bloomberg welcomes comments, questions or complaints about news coverage. Readers can contact the newsroom Standards Editor at [email protected].

Is Bloomberg customer service 24 7?

Submit to the 24/7 support desk via live chat on the Terminal. Hit the green key twice or type HELP HELP in the command line and hit the Enter key.

What kind of data does Bloomberg provide?

The Bloomberg Terminal brings together real-time data on every market, breaking news, in-depth research, powerful analytics, communications tools and world-class execution capabilities — in one fully integrated solution.

How do I ask for Bloomberg?

Bloomberg Terminal users can contact us through HELP HELP or PRTL . If you do not have access to your Terminal, we encourage you to log in here to submit a request for support.

How do I ask a question on Bloomberg?

Custom help: To get help on a specific question from a Bloomberg rep, hit the HELP key twice. An email form will appear; you should receive a reply to your question within 24 hours.

Who is Bloomberg CEO?

Mike Bloomberg (Dec 31, 2014–)Bloomberg / CEO

Who uses Bloomberg?

Bloomberg’s instant messaging service has become popular among traders, who use it to post quotes, updates on trades, and news about market activity. The tools included in the Bloomberg terminal are widely used by portfolio managers, sell-side finance professionals, and buy-side analysts.

How do I submit an article to Bloomberg?

Press releases should be sent to the regional newsroom inboxes: North America [email protected]. South America [email protected].