Does Fluttershy want to marry Discord?

Does Fluttershy want to marry Discord?

Discord is mentioned by Angel in She Talks to Angel teasing, as Fluttershy, that she wants to marry him.

What is Fluttershy’s relationship with Discord?

Discord gloats that his friendship with Fluttershy has left him eternally free of the Elements, but Fluttershy, still honoring her end of the deal, now refuses to acknowledge him as her friend. This doesn’t sit well with Discord at all.

Is Discord evil in My Little Pony?

Many depictions of Discord thus cast him as the Ultimate Evil present in Equestria (in other words, he is depicted as the show’s equivalent to Satan).

Who is Fluttershy married with?

Soarin and Fluttershy end up falling for each other, much to the enragement of Rainbow Dash. This ends up making Rainbow Dash completely betray her element and leaves her friends to a different safe zone, but Fluttershy ends up marrying Soarin.

When did Fluttershy marry Discord?

In Hamilverse, Fluttershy ends up falling for Discord after she meets the Pegasus at a Gala. They date for only 3 weeks before marrying, and end up having a whopping eight kids together.

Did Fluttershy like Discord?

In the season finale, it appears that Fluttershy straight up moved in with Discord over in his chaos realm. While that could just be a super close friendship, I’m thinking they kinda implied something a bit deeper. Considering how protective he is of her, it wouldn’t be too far fetched.

Does discord like Fluttershy?

Discord is overly possessive of Fluttershy. It’s one thing to be jealous of your friend choosing another friend to hang out with over you (“Make New Friends but Keep Discord”), but it’s another for Discord to be in love with Fluttershy (if the shippers claim he is) and banish her friend over jealousy.

When did Fluttershy marry discord?

Does discord love Fluttershy?

What did Fluttershy say to discord?

Fluttershy gave one of her bright smiles-the ones that made his heart race, and led to him smiling right back. She seemed to catch herself, though, and quickly changed it to a coy smile, and Discord went back to nervous fidgeting. “So,” Fluttershy asked, “what do you think of my dress?”

How did Fluttershy react to the Doctor?

Fluttershy stumbled onto a chair and looked at the doctor in hope he would answer her problems and it did in a way that would shock her. ” PREGNANT?” Shouted Discord holding his head and flying round the room crazily.

How did Fluttershy get out of her sleeping bag?

Fluttershy jumped out of the sleeping bag and exited the tent. She suddenly had a feeling she knew what they had done as her animals gave her very angry and tired glares. ” I think I am gonna go now!”

How did Fluttershy see through the curtains?

Fluttershy had apparently drawn all the curtains, or at least most. But within a second his eye had adjusted to the dark, and could see the room as well he could with it lit. The eye swiveled around, and rolled forward to hide itself behind a table leg.