How do I bypass WD Unlocker?

How do I bypass WD Unlocker?

How Do I Bypass Wd Drive Unlock? You will need to connect your hard drive to the computer that you want to remove the unlocker. You will see a box that says “Edit Security Setting” when you double-click on WD security. You can remove your password if it hasn’t already been selected.

How do I remove password from WD Passport?

If your unit uses WD SmartWare for security, then please open WD SmartWare and unlock your drive. The option will be located under Settings> Drive Settings> Security, It will ask you for your current password, and then it will give you an option named “Remove Security”.

How do I reset my password on MyBookLive administrator?

Go to your pc and open my computer and then click on network. You should see your My Book Live on the lower division. If you click on it the web page for the device should show. Here you can reset the passwords for the users on the device, and the administrator password.

How do I reset my WD My Book external hard drive?

Insert your paperclip into the hole and depress the “Reset” button. Hold the button down for 10 seconds and release. After 40 seconds the drive will reboot. This is a “long” reset and your drive will be completely reset to factory settings.

What is the default password for WD Passport?

There is no default password. They come out of the box with no password protection enabled. extract my files? Disk.

How do I reset my password on my external hard drive?

Open the “Security” tab. Type your current password into the box labeled “Password.” Enter a new password and a new password hint. Confirm by checking the “I Understand” box and clicking “Update Security Settings.”

How do I unlock my wd Elements external hard drive?

  1. go to the wd smartware and go to the security and place a password on your my book.
  2. safely remove it from the computer, and unplug it from your computer.
  3. plug it back into the computer and place in the password you just made.
  4. go back into the security and place the password in again and ask it to take of the password.

How do I reset my wd external hard drive?

How do I disable hardware encryption on WD My Book?

Hi WaterDays, WD my Book drive has a built in 256- bit AES hardware encryption which cannot be disable manually. We have placed few helpful links below providing more information.