How do I enable SiteMinder agent?

How do I enable SiteMinder agent?

To enable SiteMinder Web Agent:

  1. Using a text editor, open WebAgent. conf. The location of this file depends on the web server that you are using.
  2. Set the value of enableWebAgent property to Yes. enableWebAgent=”YES”
  3. Save and close the web agent configuration file.

How do I integrate SiteMinder?

Digital Marketing

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click the Integrations tile.
  3. Click the Digital Partners tab.
  4. Select Enabled under Sojern.
  5. Your client key is your SiteMinder ID, which is automatically generated by SiteMinder.
  6. Click Save. Upon saving, your integration with Sojern will be live immediately.

How do I enable trace logs on SiteMinder?

Tech Tip:How to enable trace logging in SSO (aka Siteminder) Webagent

  1. Web Server Logs (IIS and Apache httpd)
  2. Web Agent Logs (WebAgent. log, WebAgentTrace. log)

How do I find my SiteMinder agent version?

1) In the /siteminder/install_config_info/ path, you should find a version file. The name format for the Policy Server for example is The Web Agent name is 2) You can also check the main component logs, example again for the Policy Server, this is usually named smps.

Who uses SiteMinder?

We have data on 1,739 companies that use CA SiteMinder….Who uses CA SiteMinder?

Company Lorven Technologies
Company Size 50-200
Company DATA Inc.
Country United States

What is SiteMinder software?

Symantec SiteMinder provides a unified access management platform that applies the appropriate authentication mechanism to positively identify users; provides single sign-on and identity federation for seamless access to any application; enforces granular security policies to stop unauthorized access to sensitive …

What is Symantec SiteMinder?

Symantec SiteMinder (formerly CA Single Sign-On) is a highly scalable, enterprise class security management solution that provides best practice Identity and Access Management components for Web single sign-on, authentication, authorization, auditing and administration.

What is SiteMinder Web agent?

A SiteMinder agent filters user requests to enforce access controls. For instance, when a user requests a protected resource, the agent prompts the user for credentials based on an authentication scheme and sends the credentials to a SiteMinder policy server. A Web agent is simply an agent that works with a Web server.

What is SiteMinder?

Built on a foundation of core capabilities, SiteMinder is an open platform with a rich ecosystem of hotel systems, apps and hotel experts. Have existing tech that you don’t want to replace? No problem. Our platform will add to your existing capabilities and seamlessly integrate with your solutions.

What is demand plus SiteMinder?

SiteMinder is ensuring that it is always the best rate from your booking engine that is sent to the travel sites and metasearch engines as part of Demand Plus. Where does Demand Plus get its information from?

How do I reconcile my demand plus reservations with SiteMinder?

You can also review your Demand Plus reservations in your SiteMinder booing engine at any time. To do so, simple click on the Setup tab in the booking engine, and select the Integrations tile. From here, click on the highlighted text ” review and reconcile your Demand Plus reservations “.

How is my direct listing ranked through SiteMinder?

The ranking of your direct listing through SiteMinder will vary and change depending on the campaigns run by others. SiteMinder is ensuring that it is always the best rate from your booking engine that is sent to the travel sites and metasearch engines as part of Demand Plus.