How do I find out where someone is buried in Illinois?

How do I find out where someone is buried in Illinois?

  1. Go to the FamilySearch Catalog.
  2. Enter: Illinois in the Place box.
  3. Click on: Search.
  4. Click on: Cemeteries.
  5. Click on: Places within Illinois.
  6. Click on the county you want to search.
  7. Click on: Cemeteries.

How can you find out if someone is buried?

You can find out where someone is buried for free by running names searches on various cemetery records databases. There are several that free with millions of records from across the world. These databases show where is someone is buried, their pertinent dates of birth and death, and often times their plot location.

How do I find death records in Chicago?

Copies of Death Certificates

  1. Location Title. Medical Records Department.
  2. Location Address. 2121 W Harrison, Chicago, IL 60612.
  3. Location Email. [email protected].
  4. Location Phone. 312-997-4425.
  5. Location Fax. 312-997-4400.
  6. Location Hours. Sunday: Closed. Monday: 7:00 am-3:00 pm. Tuesday: 7:00 am-3:00 pm.

Who regulates cemeteries in Illinois?

The State Comptroller’s Office administers the Illinois Cemetery Care Act (760 ILCS 100), which preserves and protects cemeteries registered with the office’s Cemetery Care and Burial Trust Department.

Are death records public in Illinois?

Death records are not public records and are only available to those who have a personal or property right interest (“property right” is defined as something that it is owned, tangible such as a car title or a property deed) with the decedent.

How do I look up a death in Illinois?

Death records in the State of Illinois are only accessible either through the Illinois Department of Public Health or the Local County Clerk’s office where the death occurred.

Can you bury someone on your property in Illinois?

Can You Bury a Body at Home? There are no laws in Illinois that prohibit home burial. Before burying a body on private land or establishing a family cemetery, be sure to check local zoning rules.