How do I get to Little Venice from Mykonos?

How do I get to Little Venice from Mykonos?

How to get there. Little Venice of Mykonos is located in the Town, just a 6-minute walk away from Fabrika central bus station and 3 minutes from a parking lot.

Why is Little Venice in Mykonos called Little Venice?

Most people recognize the resemblance to the Italian city in the colorful two-story Venetian-style buildings with wooden balconies, and the reason for them is the fact that Mykonos was once one of the main stops on the trade route between Venice and Asia. In fact, in the 13th century, Mykonos was under Venetian rule.

Is Mykonos Town the same as Little Venice?

Little Venice is located in the western part of Mykonos’ Chora, the main town of the island. You could think of it as a ‘suburb’ of sorts that exists right at the waterfront of Chora and you can easily walk there.

Is there a quiet side to Mykonos?

Your next stop in your Island Hopping in Greece should be Mykonos! Take the Greek Island Pass and be prepared for amazing vacations. The quiet side of the island consists of beaches that are not so crowded, without loud music and beach bars from one side to another.

What is the best beach in Mykonos?

10 Best Beaches in Mykonos

  • Psarou Beach.
  • Ornos Beach.
  • Platys Gialos Beach.
  • Paraga Beach.
  • Elia Beach.
  • Agios Ioannis Beach.
  • Paradise Beach.
  • Super Paradise Beach.

Where are the windmills on Mykonos?

There are currently 16 windmills on Mykonos of which seven are positioned on the landmark hill in Chora. Most of them were built by the Venetians in the 16th century, but their construction continued into the early 20th century. They were primarily used to mill wheat.

Which part of Mykonos is less windy?

If the wind is blowing from the north,which 90% does,Psarou and Agios ioannis are your best choices. But even on the rest you will find a corner that will be sheltered.

Where did the Kardashians stay in Mykonos?

The Kardashians went to Santorini and Mykonos during their summer vacation in 2013. When in Mykonos they stayed at My Mykonos Retreat located near Ornos Beach and about a 10 minute drive to Mykonos Town.

Are there free beaches in Mykonos?

Paradise Beach sits about 2 miles south of Chora and can be reached on foot, by boat or by bus (there is a bus stop within walking distance of the beach). The beach is open 24/7 and you don’t have to pay to lounge.

What is the windiest island in Greece?

Mykonos is known as the windy island as it is one of those affected by the Meltemi, particularly in the July – August period. Outside of the Meltemi season, Mykonos is no more or less windy than other areas in Greece.

Which side of Mykonos is windy?

Besides the Queen of the Cyclades, Mykonos is also known as the Islands of the Winds, and that’s not by mistake! Indeed, northern winds called Meltemi winds often whip Mykonos, making some activities such as sightseeing and dining outside quite challenging.

Where do the rich and famous stay in Mykonos?

For your accommodation on the island, choose to stay at the unique St. John Mykonos Hotel located at the famous Agios Ioannis beach… A leading 5 star beach resort which has hosted numerous VIP international celebrities and jetsetters.

Where is little Venice of Mykonos located?

Little Venice of Mykonos is located in the Town, just a 6-minute walk away from Fabrika central bus station and 3 minutes from a parking lot. Tours: Discover Little Venice with an organized tour of Mykonos, starting from 39€.

How far is the closest beach to Mykonos?

The well-known Paradise Beach is 3.7 miles away and a bus stops within 200 yards of the property. Mykonos Port is at 1.2 miles and Mykonos International Airport is 2.5 miles away.

Is Mykonos worth a visit?

Visiting Mykonos for the first time we weren’t disappointed the place is beautiful, Little Venice is beautiful the residents keep the place exceptionally clean. The winding narrow streets are busy and colourful. Plenty of shops and restaurants. Well worth a visit.

Why visit Little Venice in Venice?

No wonder, Little Venice is today among the most photographed tourist neighborhood in Europe. Little Venice is fully geared up to cater to the whims and fancies of the discerning international travelers.