How do I submit a fanart to riot?

How do I submit a fanart to riot?

Riot Games Support on Twitter: “@KingStixLoL You can submit your art directly to page here: ~Cles” / Twitter.

Can I sell League of Legends fan art?

TL;DR – Yes. We want fans to create and share cool things with each other, and we want to remove barriers to sharing. If we spotlight a fan Project or make something that resembles what a fan might have made, we don’t want to be sued, so you give us permission to spotlight or share your Project with the world.

Will Riot give you Rp for drawings?

Riot Games – RP Art. It’s a player-made tradition: send in funny drawings of League champions for the one-time reward of a little RP. Over time it’s become a treasure trove of some of our most beloved artifacts.

Are League characters copyrighted?

Riot-owned images outside of this category are still used under fair-use policy. This image is copyrighted to Riot Games Inc. However: Riot Games allows use of their League of Legends intellectual property when meeting the conditions lined in their Legal Jibber-Jabber policy.

Is League of Legends music copyright?

A new, 43-track album completely free to use in your content. Sessions is a collection of music developed in partnership with a number of talented musicians that anyone can use in their content without concern of copyright strikes.

How do I get my 50 free VP?

You can claim up to 50 Valorant Points (VP) for free from Riot Games by putting in a request via the Support page. Submitting your artwork or sending a thoughtful message to the Valorant team can net you up to 50 Valorant Points if you need some to purchase an item.

How do I submit art to VP?

Here’s how players can request free VP:

  1. Submit a support ticket to Riot here.
  2. Choose “general” as your request type.
  3. Wait for an email from Riot to see if they are willing to give VP.
  4. Draw something unique for your submission.
  5. Send it to Riot, and the VP should appear in your account in a few days.

Can I draw characters and sell them?

According to the law, you are not allowed to sell paintings depicting characters created by other artists. Since trademark, copyright, and art plagiarism issues are at issue when selling paintings of characters, it is illegal to sell works that were created by others and have been remade as yours.

How do you get IP in League of Legends?

Summoners earn IP by playing matches. The amount earned depends on the summoner’s performance, which factors whether they won or lost, the game type, and the length of the match. Influence Points could be used to permanently unlock champions, runes, or additional runebook pages in the Riot Store.

How do I submit a League of Legends illustration?

Follow the Prompt: Your submitted illustration must include at least ONE League of Legends champion and at least ONE other character from either Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, or Ruined King Reporting In: You must submit your entry through Woobox.

How many RP art submissions have we received so far?

If we go back to the beginning, we estimate we’ve received over 300,000 RP Art submissions. If each player was granted about 25RP, then we’ve given out about 7,500,000 RP since the program began. And it’s been worth every glorious drawing.

Are all league champions and their skins fair game?

All League Champions and their skins are fair game, as are all the characters from our other titles, from Puffcap Peddler to Pengu and everything in between. There are some rules that are unique to this competition, so please read the following carefully along with the general info below.