How do I train for a duathlon training schedule?

How do I train for a duathlon training schedule?

Duathlon Training Plan

  1. Endurance session: 1 mile or 2 mile reps with a recovery of 90 seconds. It’s good to do a light jog, a minimum of three sets.
  2. Speed session: 400m or 800m reps, between 10 and 15 sets. With a 2 min recovery light jog, this helps the muscles to stay warm and to prevent the build up of lactic acid.

How long does it take to train for a duathlon?

4-12 weeks
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Short Long
Duration 4-12 weeks 27+ weeks
Required fitness level Higher Lower
Training phases 2~4 8+
Fitness tests 1~2 5+

What is a good time for a standard duathlon?

Good Luck for your Standard Duathlon!…Pace.

Standard Duathlon Target % Threshold Run Pace
Sub 2:30 hours 96 to 98%
2:30 to 3 hours 93 to 95%
3 plus hours 92 to 94%

What is a good sprint duathlon time?

Distances can vary but a typical sprint distance duathlon is a 5K run, a 20K bike and a 2.5K run. A standard distance is double those distances. The winning time in a sprint distance duathlon is likely to be around an hour with other finishers taking up to two hours.

How do you taper for a duathlon?

Most endurance athletes accept that tapering before a competition is beneficial, but few understand why….What to do

  1. taper for 7 to 10 days.
  2. reduce the total mileage by 80%
  3. training intensities high interval sessions (90% VO2max)
  4. reduce frequency of training by 20%

What should I eat before a duathlon?

A high carbohydrate pre event meal should aim to be consumed around 3 hours before the start. This allows it time to be digested before the start. Aim for familiar and simple foods. Something like a large bowl of porridge, rice pudding or a simple pasta dish is often a good idea.

What should I eat the night before a duathlon?

What is the best bike for a duathlon?

A triathlon bike or road bike will be your best bet for the fastest speed during a duathlon. If you don’t have one of those, though, a hybrid bike or a mountain bike is completely acceptable to use.

How do you warm up a duathlon?

Use visualisation techniques to see your race through all sections. If you have planned a warm up, do this about 15-20 minutes before the race. Generally, the longer the race, the shorter the warm up. We suggest a run warm up, rather than a bike.

What should I do the day before a duathlon?

Practice your transitions. Set up a transition area somewhere and practice the two transitions: run in, put on your helmet, switch shoes, take the helmet off, change into your trainers, running off the bike and so on. It will ease nerves and prepare you so you complete transitions on autopilot on race day.

What do you eat the morning of a duathlon?