How do I view my Tumblr archive on Iphone?

How do I view my Tumblr archive on Iphone?

Now, that you are on their profile, you will see the ‘Archive’ button on under the display picture of their profile. Simply, tap on the ‘Archive’ button and it will take you to the archived posts of that tumblr account holder.

Can you see Tumblr archive on mobile?

You’ll first need to go to “Customize theme” and then see if your current theme supports archives. Look for the setting “Show archive button,” “Show archive link,” or “Show blog tools.” Tick the “Save” box to activate your archive.

How do you see your old posts on the Tumblr app?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for a link that says “Earlier,” “Earlier Posts,” “Next,” or “Next Page.” If you don’t see such a link, this account has only one page and the bottom post is the first one.

Where can I find old content on Tumblr?

The Wayback Machine is the primary tool that collects data from web crawlers and gives you access to the files you want. To retrieve your Tumblr post, simply type in the post’s URL and hit “Browse History.”

How do you see your Tumblr history?

To review recent activity on your account, scroll to “Active Sessions” a little further down on the account settings page. Here you’ll find the list of browsers and locations that have accessed your account over the past 30 days.

How do I find posts from a certain date on Tumblr?

Search For Posts On A Specific Date It can be a pain going through the entire blog or tag looking for the post. You can actually just find out what posts are posted on a specific date. You can do this by typing http://[username][year]/[month]/[day] .

How do you find hidden posts on Tumblr?

As it turns out, the process for viewing your private posts is pretty simple:

  1. Log in to your Tumblr account and select your blog from the account menu on top.
  2. Once on your dashboard, all you have to do is scroll down until you find the specific post.
  3. You can also get a private URL of that hidden post.

Can you recover a deleted Tumblr?

When a Tumblr account is deleted, all blog posts are deleted as well. Unfortunately, those posts cannot be restored, but by signing up for the same blog address again, you may be able to link your new Tumblr account to your email address and have the same blog address again.

Does Tumblr save your search history?

Yes, Tumblr does keep your history. Tumblr keeps your history by storing it in a cookie on your computer. This way, even if you log out of Tumblr, you’ll still have access to your past blogs.