How do you decorate cake pops for beginners?

How do you decorate cake pops for beginners?

To decorate cake pops, dip them in candy coating in a variety of colors. You can also add sprinkles, nuts, candy, and frosting to the cake pops to make them more festive. If you are preparing cake pops for a holiday, birthday, or other event, decorate them so they complement the theme.

What can I put my cake pops in?

To hold your cake pops upright, poke tiny holes in a styrofoam block or the bottom of a 4 to 5 inch-deep cardboard box. Insert the end of the lollipop stick once the cake pop is coating and decorated. Let stand until set. You can then place them in plastic wrappers or in jars to hold them upright.

Should cake pops be refrigerated before dipping?

Dipping Pops Do allow refrigerated cake balls to warm up and candy coating to cool down before dipping. The closer to room temperature both are, the better. Don’t dip cold cake pops into too-warm candy coating or you’ll get cracks.

What frosting do I use for cake pops?

A classic buttercream is also my favorite type of frosting for cake pops, but feel free to use others like chocolate buttercream, cream cheese frosting or strawberry buttercream. Below are a few different flavor combinations that would taste delicious: White cake + classic buttercream.

How do you drizzle chocolate on cake pops?

Squeeze the bottle to start the stream of candy first… …then twirl the cake pop under the stream of melted candy while you continue to squeeze. You can move the bottle in different directions to achieve different designs. Be sure you move the cake pop so that you get some drizzle on the top.

Can you use icing on cake pops?

For the Cake Pop Icing: This icing/glaze is to be used as the cake pop coating. If you would like it to be thicker, simply mix in more powdered sugar until you reach your desired consistency. If you’d like a thinner coating, add some more milk, little by little.

How do I display my cake pops?

The most common way to display cake pops is to use styrofoam blocks / cake dummies. But to make it look neat, you can cover those with pretty paper and ribbons to match it your personal theme and style. Just use a round styrofoam block for example and wrap pretty paper around and secure it with tiny needles.

What is the best thing to dip cake pops in?

Tips to melt the candy melts Thin it out– In order to get a smooth candy coating that will ensure that your cake balls have a gorgeous outer shell you need to thin it out. You can mix in Crisco shortening, coconut oil, or EZ-thin dipping aid for a runnier consistency.

Can you leave cake pops out overnight?

Storing Cake Pops at Room Temperature After you have made your cake pops completely, dipping and decorating them to perfection, you can simply leave them at room temperature for 1-2 days. Cake pops will actually look the best (with no chance of condensation forming on the chocolate) when they are kept at room temp.

How far in advance can u make cake pops?

Make Ahead Instructions: I always make the cake 1 day ahead of time. Cover and keep at room temperature. You can store the undipped cake balls in the refrigerator for up to 2 days or freeze them for up to 6 weeks. Allow to thaw in the refrigerator then continue with step 9.

How do you dip cake pops in frosting?

For the Cake Pop Icing:

  1. Mix powdered sugar, milk and vanilla until smooth. This icing/glaze is to be used as the cake pop coating.
  2. After dipping the cake pops in the coating, you can dry them at room temperature or in the fridge if you are in a rush. It will take about 30 minutes or more.