How do you sign a Puppet certificate?

How do you sign a Puppet certificate?

In order to sign the new certificate request which was generated when the Puppet agent run took place on the new node, the Puppet cert sign command would be used, with the host name of the certificate, which was generated by the newly configured node that needs to be signed.

What command is used to check requests of certificates in Puppet?

To view all certificate requests, signed and unsigned, use the –all flag as follows: sudo puppet cert list –all.

How do Puppet certificates work?

Puppet uses standard SSL/TLS encryption technology and standard SSL certificates for agent and master authentication and verification. Puppet also uses SSL/TLS to encrypt the traffic flow between server and agents. SHA-256 is the default hash that is used. Puppet uses a TLS client-side X.

How do I renew my Puppet agent certificate?

The process for regenerating certificates varies depending on your goal….Complete these tasks in order:

  1. Delete and recreate the certificate authority.
  2. Regenerate compiler certificates, if applicable.
  3. Regenerate agent certificates.
  4. Regenerate replica certificates.

Which file is used to automatically sign your agents certificates?

The autosign. conf file can allow certain certificate requests to be automatically signed. It is only valid on the CA primary Puppet server; a primary server not serving as a CA does not use autosign.

How do you renew Puppet CA and server certificates in place?

Step 1: Clear and regenerate certs on your primary Puppet server

  1. Back up the SSL directory, which is in /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ssl/ .
  2. Stop the agent service:
  3. Stop the primary server service.
  4. Delete the SSL directory:
  5. Regenerate the CA and primary server’s cert:
  6. Start the primary server service by running:

How do I accept a certificate on puppet agent?

On the CA server: Sign the certificate request, explicitly allowing alternate names ( puppet cert sign –allow-dns-alt-names ). (Note puppet cert sign is deprecated and will be replaced with puppetserver ca sign in Puppet 6.) On the server: Run puppet agent -t –ca_server to retrieve the cert.

How do you clean a puppet certificate?

How to clean the local certificates in a puppet node

  1. find /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ssl/certs/ -type f -name “$(hostname –fqdn).pem” -delete.
  2. sudo rm -fr /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ssl/*
  3. puppet cert list –all.
  4. puppet cert clean $fqdn_of_the_node.

How do you accept a certificate on puppet agent?

How do you renew puppet CA and server certificates in place?

What is a puppet agent?

Puppet agent is the application that manages the configurations on your nodes. It requires a Puppet primary server to fetch configuration catalogs from. Depending on your infrastructure and needs, you can manage systems with Puppet agent as a service, as a cron job, or on demand.

What is puppet CA?

Puppet Server has a puppetserver ca command that performs certificate authority (CA) tasks like signing and revoking certificates. Most of its actions are performed by making HTTP requests to Puppet Server’s CA API, specifically the certificate_status endpoint.