How is the Republican sniper changed by war throughout the story?

How is the Republican sniper changed by war throughout the story?

At the start of the story, the Republican Sniper is a cold-blooded killer that would do anything for the Republican Army which included killing an old woman. His feelings towards the battle evolved in the story because once he killed the other sniper, his lust for battle diminished.

What kind of person is the Republican sniper?

Third person limited: restricted to one character (the Republican sniper) and observes only what he sees, hears, feels, or does.

What is the rising action in the sniper?

Rising Action- An armored car slowly comes up the street, and met with an old woman who pointed towards where the Sniper was located. Out of the car a man appears, and the Sniper gets him in one shot…the old woman tried to run but got shot and fell into a gutter.

What is the author’s message in the sniper?

In Liam O’Flaherty’s story, The Sniper, the main idea or theme the author is trying to convey is the way war changes not only individual people but the society in which they live. In support of the two sides in the Irish civil war in 1922, two brothers chose differently.

How does paragraph 22 contribute to the development of the story’s plot the sniper?

How does paragraph 22 help contribute to the development of the story’s plot? It shows how weak the Republican sniper is. It shows how quickly emotions can shift in battle. It shows how the Republican sniper doesn’t support the war.

What does the old woman symbolize in the sniper?

The old woman is symbolic of war’s ability to dehumanize people and turn them into objects and enemies. The sniper, being in immediate danger, was not able to take into account that the old woman was a human being like himself.

What conflict does the old woman cause for the sniper?

What conflict does the old woman cause for the sniper? She is revealing his location to the enemy. She is threatening to shoot him. She is a relative who is betraying him.

What is the main conflict in the sniper?

The major conflict with the short story, “The Sniper” is Man vs. Man and Man vs. Self. The conflict of Man.

What is ironic in the sniper?

The irony is that the sniper kills his own brother. The story is set during the Irish civil war in the 1920’s. Each brother has chosen a different side on which to fight. During his battle with an enemy sniper, the author foreshadows the ending by showing how similar each shooter is.

What do you think will happen when the sniper lights his cigarette?

The sniper lights the cigarette to smoke it, risking an enemy seeing the light and shooting at him. The sniper pretends to be dead to make the enemy think he’s dead, so when the enemy comes, the sniper would shoot him.

What is the symbolism in the sniper?

The sniper also symbolizes the destruction such a war can cause in a society which will suffer the aftereffects for years to come where even an old woman becomes an enemy to kill. The sniper also symbolizes the changes a person must make in warfare.

How did the sniper treat his arm?

The shot lodges the bullet in the sniper’s arm, and has fractured it. The sniper is able to deduce this while inspecting his injury. He then treats it by pouring iodine on the wound, and covering the wound with cotton and binding it with dressing.

What is the topic of the sniper?

Theme of “The Sniper” In the story of “The Sniper”, by Liam O’Flaherty, the theme of the story is war can divide families. The story takes place during the civil war in Ireland In 1922-1923. The main character, The Sniper, is in the city and must kill his enemy who is also a sniper.

What does the Republican sniper feel immediately after killing the other sniper?

Immediately after shooting the enemy sniper, the protagonist sniper feels extreme remorse. The text specifically says remorse. He became bitten by remorse.

Why did the sniper consider it risky to smoke?

Explanation: In “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty, it is too risky for the sniper to smoke because the flash from his match could reveal his location to his enemies. Instinctively, he knows that his enemies are keeping watch as well. Because it is night, a flash from his match would draw attention to his position.

What is the risk the sniper takes?

The sniper decides to take the risk of ascertaining the identity of the enemy sniper. When the sniper reached the laneway on the street level, he felt a sudden curiosity as to the identity of the enemy sniper whom he had killed. He decided that he was a good shot, whoever he was.

Who was the old woman in the story the sniper?

A sniper’s bullet hits and kills the old woman from Liam O’Flaherty’s short story “The Sniper.” The old woman in question is actually an informer working for the Free Staters. While the Republican sniper is under fire from the opposing Free Stater sniper, he sees an armored car pull up near his position.

What is the setting of the sniper?

This story is set in Dublin, Ireland, in the 1920s, during a time of bitter civil war. On one side were the Irish Republicans (IRA); they wanted all of Ireland to become a republic, totally free from British rule.

What happens to the old woman who informs on the sniper?

What happens to the old woman who informs on the sniper? She dies and falls into a gutter (the crack in the sidewalk). He balances his hat on his gun, and when the enemy sniper shoots the hat, the sniper drops to the gun and falls to ground, pretending to be dead.