How long does it take to get an NHS performer number?

How long does it take to get an NHS performer number?

approximately 8-10 weeks
How long does this process take? – Routine applications take approximately 8-10 weeks to process from receipt of a complete application form to inclusion on the National Performers List.

How long does it take to get on the performers list?

It is important to apply for your enhanced DBS certificate early, and in advance of making your application to join the Performers List. It can take up to eight weeks to obtain an enhanced DBS certificate, and an application cannot be progressed without one.

What is an NHS Performers List?

The National Performers List service is a list of approved GPs, opticians and dentists who satisfy a range of criteria necessary for working in the NHS.

How do I get on the Scottish performers list?

What should you do to join a performers list?

  1. Need GMC GP registration AND CCT to be added to the performers list.
  2. Decide on host performers list and contact primary care services for an application form.
  3. Select to be added to other areas in Scotland.

How do you get a performer number?

After you have registered as a dentist with the General Dental Council (GDC) and have applied to work for a Commissioner (Sustainability and Transformation Partnership / Local Health Board), you will be created as an NHS performer on the Compass system and a performer number will be generated and issued.

What is a pooled list?

A pooled list code is issued to a GP practice for the purpose of holding the practice? s patient list against one central code. This code is not a prescribing code and should never appear on prescriptions.

How do I find my performer number?

Your Performer number can be found in Compass. You do not need to enter any details on this screen, click ‘search’ and your details will be populated. Your Performer number will be presented in the ‘Performer ID’ column.

Can you work as a GP without being on the performers list?

Performers’ lists To train and work as a general practitioner in the UK you need to be on a primary medical performers’ list. Performers’ lists are managed by primary care organisations and you must apply to a primary care organisation to be entered onto them.

How do I find my NHS performer number?

What is NHS performer number?

A performer number is a random six-digit number allocated to every qualified NHS dentist. Your performer number will remain the same throughout your NHS career, regardless of any breaks in service you may have. A performer number can begin with any digit from 1 – 9.

How do I register with GDC?

Following completion of the online application process you will be issued with a personalised application form to download, print, sign and submit along with your supporting documents. Please note, you will be asked to complete the route to registration questionnaire via eGDC.

What is a pooled list NHS?