How much does a plasma cutting table cost?

How much does a plasma cutting table cost?

Industrial quality CNC plasma tables typically range from around A$30,000 to A$100,000+.

How much is a 4×8 plasma table?

4×8 Modular Plasma Table….Add a Hypertherm® Plasma Cutting System *

Product price $6,799.00
Order total: $6,799.00

Do you need a water table for a plasma cutter?

When working with a CNC plasma cutting table, it’s essential to have some way of controlling the dust and fumes from the cutting process. One solution is a water table (often referred to as a waterbed or a water pan), where the metal being cut is underneath a layer of water that prevents it from generating fumes.

How much does plasma cutting cost per hour?

Plasma operating costs are lower than waterjet operating costs. Generally, it can cost approximately $15-$20/hr to operate a plasma cutting machine. Operating costs for waterjet cutting machines can run around $20-$40/hr. Both estimates do not include labor.

How much does a torchmate cost?

Torchmate X pricing starts at $27,500 for a 5×10 system including your choice of complete turn-key water or downdraft table. The Torchmate X line is available in sizes up to a 10 x 40 foot cutting surface area.

How deep should a plasma water table be?

3-24 inches deep
A water table – also occasionally referred to as a waterbed or water pan – consists of a tank of water (ranging from 3-24 inches deep depending on the application) that sits beneath the cutting surface. Above the tank are several vertical metal bars known as slats that support your material during cutting.

Why is there water in a plasma table?

Depending on material type, thickness, and quality requirements, some users prefer to cut with the water closer to the plate, so that the splashing water helps cool the part while cutting, reducing overall heat distortion.

How is CNC plasma cutting cost calculated?

Operational costs of automated plasma cutting

  1. Power cost = power consumption x arc-on time x $/kWh.
  2. Gas cost = consumption x arc-on time x $/100 ft3
  3. Consumables cost = consumption rate x arc-on time x parts cost.
  4. Labor costs can be calculated using the following equation: Labor cost = total hrs/yr x shop hourly rate x no.

How much does a CNC plasma machine cost?

$15,000 to $300,000
Depending on type, size, and features, a CNC plasma cutting machine could range anywhere from $15,000 to $300,000. That’s a big range, but the vast majority of CNC plasma machines sold today are well below the $100,000 mark.

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How to build a CNC Plasma cutting table?

– The cutter must have ‘HF Start’ (Cheap cutters sometimes use ‘scratch start’ where you have to touch the torch on to the metal to strike the arc. – If you have the option (can afford it) buy one with ‘Pilot Arc’. – If you can, go for a branded cutter. Hypertherm are probably the best – or at least best known. – Go for the highest power you can afford.

What are plasma tables used for?

Plasma cutting tables can be used on different types of metal depending on the project. With a plasma cutter, you can cut all various kinds of metal in a wide range of thicknesses, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper as thick as 2.5″. They operate with extreme efficiency and, in many cases, are able to cut up to 200 inches per minute.

How to cut a straight line with a plasma cutter?

Type of plasma cutters

  • Plasma cutting system
  • Internal variables (e.g.,cut height,cutting speed,choice of consumable)
  • External variables (e.g.,operator experience,gas purity,and material variability).